Email synchronisation doesn't appear in my sent items

  • 28 April 2019
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Hi, please can anyone help me with this.

I have a P20 Pro and everything seems to be up and running with my two email accounts, that is apart from my sent items on my phone for one of the accounts. They are not synching with my sent items on my computer (Mac) I used to be a iPhone user (sorry I know) now having spent days/hours googling, deleting the account and starting again, calling my provider Fasthost who said it's my handset = the sent items are still not working.

Can anyone help me please? I really need these "sent items" on my handset for when I'm travelling / working. It's such an inconvenience!

6 replies

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Hey @BronteCountry, welcome to the community!

We're sorry about this inconvenience!

Could you please let us know which Email apps you are using? Would you also mind sending some screenshots?

We'll be looking forward to your reply!

Hey Max, thanks for your response.

It's MAIL version 10.3.

This has worked fine with all previous handsets (not Huawei) unfortunately.

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Welcome back @BronteCountry,

Have you tried using the Gmail app to sync your email accounts?

In some cases the default email app can be incompatible with certain accounts.

Let us know you if that worked!

No, how would I do that?
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No, how would I do that?
Its simple!
  1. Download the gmail app from the Google play store
  2. Follow this guide: under "Add or remove account" section.
PS. you may need to login to your existing gmail account in the app or create a new one if you dont have - prior to adding the account above that you are trying to add. You will get access to all folders in the gmail app - it can be your inbox, sent items or spam, you will have access to all of them

Let us know if this solves your problem!
Thank you, it's worked using google. Now I can see my sent items on my android through Google App.