Hicare update - failed to submit

Why can't i update the recent hi care system update because the comes up with failed to submit how do I get the update to update?

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Hi @Chelsea ,

Welcome to the community. Can you share which device you're having issues with, so the support team or community members can help out.
Huawei 3i nova
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@Chelsea Thanks. I've flagged this for the support team.
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Hey @Chelsea, greetings!

Thank you for reporting this to us! Sometimes the update packages might be downloaded on the internal storage of your phone, but they can be corrupted. In this case they won't install properly.

To eliminate this you can delete the data from the System Update app. To do that open Settings > Apps & notifications > Apps > System update > Storage, then tap on CLEAR DATA!

After this, please try again with updating and let us know if it works!

Sadly if did not work but thank you
i have Huawei "P smart plus "
i got notification on "Hicare" to update for "EMUI 9" but when i apply the update i get problem " failed to submit try again later"
how i can solve this problem please
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have you tried updating via PC using HiSuite?
yes , but also the same problem
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I moved your topic and @DRSC Media's comment to this thread to avoid double topics. I flagged it for the support team, they will be able to assist you. 🙂
thank you☺


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