How to use the Cloud Backup function

  • 12 March 2019
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It would be highly upsetting when one's smartphone goes missing or damaged. The loss is not only about money, but also about the data that may never be reproduced. An efficient way to keep you away from data loss is to perform backup on a regular basis.

Cloud Backup is an ideal solution to keeping your smartphone data safe and secure. By a few clicks, photos, contacts, apps, and other important contents will be automatically backed up in the Cloud. You can restore any available copy of backup data whenever necessary.

How to use Cloud Backup
Click on the Settings icon on your Device. Click on HUAWEI ID account center on top of the screen to log in or directly access the account center. Choose Cloud > Cloud backup.

To recover backup data
Click on the Settings icon. Click on HUAWEI ID on top of the screen to log in or directly access the account center. Choose Cloud > Cloud backup> . Select a desired copy of backup data and click on RECOVER to complete the task.

Cloud Backup is available on all HUAWEI devices running EMUI5.1 or a later version. Using this function will free you of any worries about phone data loss. Contacts, photos, memos, apps, and a diverse list of information will be well kept in the Cloud.

So, feel like moving your fingers to protect your valuable data now?

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1 reply

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If you have lots of images in your Gallery BUT select not to Sync the Gallery, backup fails and says you don't have enough space.
If you enable Gallery Sync and then Backup, it starts but then fails because your 5GB 'free' Cloud space is full - even though it also says that photos and videos backed up through Gallery will not be included in Cloud backup size.