Instagram video's out of sync

Hi there,

Happy New Year all.

I have a Huawei P20 Pro and when I record instagram video stories they are completely out of sync. It's really annoying since I am trying to capture memories.

I would really appreciate some help here.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi all,

Thank you for all your information and messages from the inbox, I will inform further our developers department for a proper review of this issue. The moment there is a clear solution or troubleshooting i will update the topic with it.
Meanwhile if you prefer and the issue still persist, I will recommend you to contact us on our hotline at 08000886700 and have a better check with our technical support team.

Have a great day! 🙂

Best wishes,
Charlie T. 💡😉
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Hi @Deepak,

Happy to hear that you are using one of our devices.

In regards to your inquiry, we would recommend the following steps below:

1.Make sure that your Instagram application cache and data are cleared. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Force Stop > Clear Cache > Clear Data > Restart Device.
2.Check if the application is up to date. You can check by going to the PlayStore and typing "Instagram" which will display "Install Update" if an update is available.
3.Re-install the Instagram application.

Additionally, perform a wipe cache partition of your device from the Recovery Menu: Turn the device off completely > Press and hold the volume up + power key at the same time > Select "Wipe cache partition" (navigate by using the volume keys and power button to select).

I trust this information is of assistance. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 😀
Hi Everybody!
I got. Same problem when I upload a video on Instagram or Facebook.

I cleared cache.
I reinstalled Instagram.
I also wiped cache partition.
Also switched my profile back to private.
Nothing has worked.

When I shoot an IG story for example the first one is in sync, the other following are not in sync. Same for posting 1 min long video on my IG page or fb page.

I need help.
I just bought p20 in October!
Hi @Alessandra,

I have exactly the same issue and I have tried the recommendation suggestion above with no luck.

@Max any idea what else can do?

Many thanks,

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Hi Deepak,

Welcome on the community! Thank you for letting us know that you tried the above suggetions. If you are still having issues, please try to reset your device. You can read more about this in this topic.

Will you keep us updated?
Hi there, just bought the mate 20 pro. Love the phone and the camera quality but quite disappointed with compatibility with key apps such as Instagram. The story video upload quality is really bad... Grainy and pixelated with seemingly no option to improve upload quality. It also crops text when viewing other people's stories. For a phone with such great potential this seems like a bit of a flaw considering how widely used instagram is. Any tips?
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Hi @mcrocker123,

I moved your question to this thread. Please read the comments above and let us know if you steel need assistance. 🙂
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I have a Mate 20 Pro and my Instagram stories go out of sync. I have tried resetting and installing and cache etc no changes. Big issue for me as a blogger. Please can we fix this?
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I still need assistance on this. Problem is not resolved. Very frustrating. Wishing I had of got an iPhone now.
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Hey, same issue here, nothing worked so far. In fact, EMUI 9 even worsened the problem. It must be some kind of conflict between video codec in EMUI and Instagram. Pretty disappointed...:/
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Still an issue Huawei. Please fix. For Instagram being the top app people use this is a bit of a joke. You shouldn't have any issues being compatible with Instagram
Hi everybody! Same issue here! I have bought P20 Pro and videos are not synchronized in instagram!! Why Huawei do not do anything about it? Please find a solution asap! This Phone is not cheap is really expensive! I am thinking to change it!
i downloaded the app "inshot" and i trimmed it to a 1 minute video then saved it and then when i uploaded it to instagram it got fixed the audio was perfectly on sync it may take some time but it was worth it!
Hello, I'm facing the same problem and it's not just on Instagram, it's also on Snapchat. This makes it very hard for me to my job as a blogger. It's frustrating and all the mentioned solutions above did not work.
This is extremely disappointing especially for a person who switches from iPhone for the first time ever.
Please find a solution.
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Hello, I'm facing the same problem and it's not just on Instagram, it's also on Snapchat. This makes it very hard for me to my job as a blogger. It's frustrating and all the mentioned solutions above did not work.
This is extremely disappointing especially for a person who switches from iPhone for the first time ever.
Please find a solution.

This is definitely some bug between EMUI codec and the one used in Instagram and Snapchat. I have reported this in every possible way and no reaction yet. Some tech media should lay into them and demand comment.
Same ridiculous problem!!! Why doesn't anyone fix that??? Got my mate 20 pro since last Friday, after having been for ten years an iPhone owner, and I'm already thinking to go back to iPhone!!!! It never gave me problems like that.
Yes i have the same problem! Come also from iphone and have now the mate 20 lite. When i make insta storys the first video is in sync and the second video out of sync. This is not acceptable, fix that!
I'm an online coach and can't work with instagram with this shit!

When i play songs by the way and want to film something the sound is horrible!!

Bad decision to buy a huawei!
Same problems.
Aso the microphone sound horrible .

Very dissapointed about Huawei.
First and last time I buy one.
Impossible to use for an Instagrammer.
Same here... IG LIVE out of sync, Stories after the first, too... The sound in every story is so low my followers (I am a blogger) keep complaining... I tried every thing of the above advice and nothing is working. I really hoped a solution would come with time but I got no answer... Not FROM HUAWEI (sent an email) not from Instagram... No one seems to feel responsible. I bought the mobile especially for the great camera and now it's not fully usable... I even use my old iphone for social media sometimes but would have loved to sell it while I still could...

I would really appreciate help
Same here. I'm actually raged I bought this phone only a week ago and changed from iPhone. I've always been an iPhone user and I got persuaded to get the P20 Pro because of the camera. I'm an instagram blogger, so I though it would be great for content. I can't even post a 2 second video on stories never mind a 1 minute one. It's so so frustrating. I want switch back immediately to a phone I can trust and can work with the basics. I mean Instragam is the most used app on earth.

There really needs to be some explaining from Huawei. How is this being fixed and resolved?

Please, please respond and tell us you're fixing the issue.

Thanks (I'm just really annoyed, sorry if I'm coming across rude)
Truly I am thinking of selling my P20 device after one month. I bought for work mainly and it is impossible to IG properly like this.

Can someone from support provide some background infos about Huawei's point of view ön the problem?

Is it worth waiting another month?
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Hi all,

I'm sorry to hear that you all have this issue.
If you could pm us with the serial number, the build number and the software app version, with the #instagram and I could forward those cases further in order to be properly reviewed by our developer team.

To send a private message, simply click on my name in the discussion post. In the new menu that appears, select "Send message".
Looking forward to your reply! :)

I have the same problem when posting instagram stories and videos. The second story is always out of sync. Please fix this. It's annoying as hell.
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Hi Sakramento, Welcome on the Huawei Community! 🙂

Have you sent your details to Max? If you PM him your serial number, build number and the software app version with #instagram he will forward it to the developers.
Same issue here I had to go back to my iPhone to post on Instagram.
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I've PMed Max. I really hope this gets dealt with. I mean it's a very good phone but I won't be recommending it until Huawei shows that it cares about after sales care.