New Huawei Health bug since update

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Hi Sanshi,

What version of the Huawei Health app are you currently using? 🙂
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Hi @carguy143 ,

I've flagged this for the support team to look at. Fingers crossed it'll be resolved soon.
Thanks @Danjl

Apart from the odd bug I love the devices. I also love to find bugs so if you ever need anything testing, please feel free to give me a message.

Thanks again,


There's more than "the odd bug", the whole thing is a hot mess. I've logged numerous critical bugs since November 2018 that have just been ignored and still exist. Shows how amateur Huawei are when it comes to software development. I'll be taking a wide berth of the GT 2 which is expected later this year.
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Hi Sanshi,

What version of the Huawei Health app are you currently using? :)

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@sanshi , there were some issues with that version of the Health app and new version should be available now. Can you try updating and see if this resolves the issue?
I have the Watch 2 and use it with a P20 Pro, and for the last few days the Huawei Tru Sleep app on the watch hasn't been syncing properly with Huawei Health on the phone. I am in Brazil, whereas I normally am in the UK, so my time zone changed, but that is really the only major change. Once before, when I went to San Francisco, I noticed that it took about 24 hours for the time zone changes to properly show up in the Huawei Health app's sleep function. This time, even though the watch has the data, for it to be useful it needs to go to the Huawei Health app. It DOES seem to sync heart rate data and step data, just not sleep data. Although, last night it said that I slept 51 minutes on the phone, and about 5 hours on the watch.
I have dragged the screen down to manually sync, and that doesn't seem to do anything.
What else can I do?
Since my pro2 band updated at the weekend to version I've been getting all of the problems that happened with the earlier release, sleep mot logging and manual sync des not work, steps recordimg but no graph and heart rate grsph mot showing.
I love this pro2 but if it's not showing my sleep which was my main reason for purchasing back in Jan 2018 the band is of no use if the phone app is not recording.
Well I dont know what happened between posting the above and this afternoon, but after 3 days of no graphs or records of heart rate or sleep and intermitent graphs for steps. Its working again.
I obviously spoke to soon heart rate and steps graphs gave up the ghost at 8am and last night's sleep not showing.