No sound notification when receiving WhatsApp messages

  • 9 May 2019
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Hi All,

i just got my brand new P30 Pro and cannot get to configure WhatsApp properly.
when receiving a Whatsapp message, there is no sound alert and no LED notification, not matter the color chosen for the LED and the sound chosen.
However, the vibration alert works perfectly.
i have tried each and every parameter under ‘notifications’ and in the app itself but cannot get it to work properly.

I have seen some other group members had a similar issue with a P20 but haven’t seen the solution to this posted...

Can an anybody help me out, please?

4 replies

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Well, the LED is simple, there's no LED notification on the P30 Pro...

An alternative to this is:

Phone Settings --> Notifications --> More notification settings --> Enable "Notifications turn on screen"

Concerning the sound, I'll guess you do anyway, but just to make sure, is your phone in silent mode?
No, no, it’s not in silent mode
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Hi @Cookiemin,

I see that you found this other thread about WhatsApp notifications. :)

@Max raised the issues to the development team departments and it's being currently looked into.
Hi @Amy
yes, thank you. I went through the thread replies.
I'm now impatiently looking forward to receiving @Max feedback from the development team!