Tracking walking - what app?

  • 13 January 2019
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I need to get an app that will track my walking when out and about using the phone's GPS, however it keeps switching the GPS off despite all the settings being as advised.

I have a HuaWei Mate 20 lite.

When I play golf the phone is kept with a good view of the sky and GPS enabled etc. It seems to pick up the first part of the round, and sometimes the end of the round but depite walking for the best part of 5 miles the total journey is always less than 1 mile.

I have been using Map my walk which works fine with my GPS watch but the phone is as useless as a chocolate Teapot.

Is it the phone, the app or a combination?

Any hints or suggestions most welcome. I was going to get a HuaWei fitness tracking watch with GPS but using GPS that has a life of less than 4 hours and I will be out and about for 6 or 7 hours.

4 replies

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Hi Mante2

Have you tried with Huawei Health, it`s preinstalled on the phone and is more then able to track your step count while out on golf course.

Best wishes,
I have the same problem with my " doggy walker"
I have just got a new mate 20 lite and as a regular walker installed map my walk. However this is not working as my phone seems incapable of tracking me. A walk that I know is 5 miles shows as less than a mile and the route map shows straight line shortcuts. I have checked the setting against my Samsung and matched my new phone up. This is a deal breaker for me and I will return my phone if I can't get this to work properly.
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Try setting the app in question to manage manually under the app launch section of the battery settings.