transfer of pdf files from windows pc and location of apps folder on mate 20 pro

  • 19 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I want to transfer pdf files from my computer to my mate 20 pro, which I want to read with the Libera Pro pdf reading app which I have already downloaded. A connection has been established between the two devices. I do not know which folder I copy pdf files to on the mate 20 pro and I cannot locate an apps folder. I note that there is a music and a movie folder, and have transferred successfully a movie file.



2 replies

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Theoretically, you can place it wherever you want. The slight hiccup you may come accross is the app not detecting any pdf file, you can usually counteract this by transferring the files to the "downloads" folder.
After that you can set the app to read that particular folder for pdf files in case it does not automatically detect the pdf files.

hope this helps!
Thanks a lot - it works for me.