Transferring files from Windows 7 PC to Huawei mate 20 pro

  • 21 June 2019
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My objective is to transfer files to the phone. I have connected the phone to a USB port on the PC. When I do so, an icon huawei appears in Windows Explorer. Sometimes there is a sub-folder celled internal storage. Using the time honoured method, I have attempted to copy files (audio in this instance) to the huawei drive or to internal storage. Usually what happens is that copying begins to take place and soon after a message comes up the device has stopped working or is not responding or, alternatively, some tracks are copied and then a message appears that specifies that a particular track cannot be copied, and if the selection skip is chosen, some additional tracks may be copied before the non-response/disconnect message appears.

Although the Huawei drive has subfolders, these sometimes can be opened by selecting the arrow next to the drive name, and sometimes not.

When I first attempted to transfer files having selected transfer files on the phone, the Huawei icon appeared under network ( a device on the network rather than a connected drive/SD card, etc.) but now this does not occur.

I am also confused by the Huawei application Hi Suite. I have followed the instructions and it was installed on my PC, but I have failed to understand what to do with it, as the window was constantly appearing when I moved to copy files. HDB is authorized on the phone, but because of the constant opening of the window on the PC I uninstalled this via the control panel. However, the messages referred to above occurred whether or not Hi Suite was installed on the computer. Ordinarily when a device is referenced in Explorer (memory card, external drive, etc) it is usually a simple matter to copy files to and from the device.

Any help or reference to tutorials about this would be appreciated.


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