Youtube Upload Quality Capped At 480p on Mate 20 Pro

  • 23 March 2019
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Mate 20 Pro issue.

I started using the the phone for a variety of video capture purposes. Regardless of the source, I cannot upload the full resolution videos to YouTube. The screen recorder feature utilizes a native 720p(50fps?) but YouTube will only finalize said videos at 480p50. I shot a short 4k video days ago and it's only showing up at 480p as well. Yesterday I shot a 1080p 60fps video and YouTube only uploaded it as 48060 as well.

I'm not sure why this is happening or how to fix it, but it's only happening on this device. I have an old Galaxy S7 and videos are uploaded fine on that. My friends and family aren't having issues either. What can I do?

4 replies

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Hi Xiro, Welcome on the Huawei Community!

I think that @Chris might be able to help you. 🙂
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Hi xiro, when playing back the video do you change the video quality settings with the 3dots in top right?
See myphoto?
As should have all options in there as my 1080p video auto plays at 480p

Unless I change it manually

Or is there no option for you to change?

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I think Chris has solved your issue hopefully.

I did notice when uploading 1080 video after it's complete and ready for viewing the default is 480 while the video is being indexed by YouTube amd after a min or so the higher resolution options become available.

I have several videos in question, but this is the last one I mentioned. There are ones older than this with this problem too. I understand how to change the quality, it simply lacks any option higher than 480.

The problem is probably on YouTube's end but I'm only having this issue on this phone, hence why I thought to try here(the YouTube community forums have not been helpful).

Initially I thought it was because of the phone's odd aspect ratio(18.5:9 I think?) but then I realized that the camera records in the standard format.