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If you activate the auto answer calls this does not seem to work when bluetooth is connected. I had a samsung S6 phone which automatically answered calls when using my bluetooth headset

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Hi @aljo10,

Thank you for bringing this up to us! While there is no feature to allow auto answer to work when Bluetooth is on, I will forward this to our developers so this will be considered in a future update.

Nevertheless, if you have any other questions or issues, please let me know and I will gladly help yo!

Best wishes,
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Hi Max
Many thanks for prompt helpful reply
I do hope the developers take this idea on board. It is such a help when out and about
Best wishes
Ps Mate Pro 20 best smart phone I have had
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Many years ago i had a Nokia phone running symbian, it was a standard feature even so long ago, obviously streets ahead of its time. With safety in cars or on a bike surely its a must, come on Huawei, do it
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I agree I have raised this with Huawei before but nothing happens.
Such a sophisticated and innovative phone - BUT NO BLUETOOTH AUTO ANSWER!!j

How about it?



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