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  • 5 September 2018
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Find answers to your questions in this F.A.Q topic
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In many cases it's possible to fix issues yourself. If you are having issues with your device, please reset your phone first. You can read more about this in this topic.

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6 replies

Is true huawei phone always keep you busy asking to do a factory reset don't u think is true?
I did a factory reset and it did not solve my problem of hearing a strange man's voice every time I receive a WhatsApp text
My huawei nova 3i has been trash since the update. Too laggy the phone signal sometimes shows SOS ONLY cant text sometimes cant call or receive calls sometimes please HELP ME FIXED THIS. PLEASE HUAWEI DONT LET US DOWN
Is true huawei phone always keep you busy asking to do a factory reset don't u think is true?
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Reset thé phone seems to be the only answer Huwawei keeps giving. I wish I did not pay that high price or it would have gone to trash directly.

Huwawei is seriously a joke. No support, problems never fixed ....

Was my first time buying Huwawei and also last time
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Hi @Cheryl Ross,

Please take a look at this topic (click!) for a how to. 🙂
how do you reset the phone?