Having problems with your device? Try to reset your phone!

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In some cases it's possible to fix some issues yourself. If you are having issues with your device, please try the tips below!

Reset your phone
Reset network settings
If your phone starts to slow down, this can be due to long-term accumulation of caches and residual files, you can reset your Phone to erase these cached files completely. This will restore your Wi-Fi, mobile data network, and Bluetooth settings, including hotspot tethering and Bluetooth pairing information. It won"t change other settings on your Phone, or delete any data or files.

How to? Go to Settings > System > Reset > Reset network settings, touch Reset network settings, and follow the onscreen instructions to reset the settings.

Restore all settings
This will restore your device"s initial network settings, fingerprint data, face data, and lock screen passwords. It won't reset settings for Find my Phone or HUAWEI ID, nor will it delete any data or files.

How to? Go to Settings > System > Reset > Reset all settings, touch Reset all settings, and follow the onscreen instructions to reset the settings.

Restore factory settings
First, make a back-up. Restoring the factory settings will delete all data in your device"s memory and storage, including your account settings, system settings, app data, installed apps, music, images, and documents, and restore your Phone to its original factory settings. So, back up your data before restoring your device!

How to? Go to Settings > System > Reset > Reset phone, touch Reset phone, enter the screen unlock password (if any), and follow the onscreen instructions to reset the settings.

Still having issues? Go to our F.A.Q. topic or ask a question.

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but, i buy this phone only 2 days ago.
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Hi @Md. Rayhan Islam,

What phone are you using? And are you having problems with your device? If so, it's best to try the reset, even if you only bought it 2 days ago. Please let us know if this solved your issues. 🙂
Hi there ...i have the same issue...the volume is very ...duo call. phone calls....even in duo is decreasing....during the call...if i restart.....on youtube and getting ok...but after a few minutes willl decrease.....very low quality phone....mate 20 pro...i mean...
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Hi Doggy6666,

I just answered your topic. 🙂 Please take a look at my comment here.
My work profile is locked every time after a system update on 10 pro:

Does a backup include a locked work profile? Last time I lost my data in the work profile and this time I' m still searching for a solution but It seems you can either use the work profile or disable the system updates. 😕
We are waiting just wanna say that the p30 pro is also affected by the bug 😉
Same for my p20 pro. None of the steps above did the trick.
Hello I have problem and I hope I get solution ,Whenever I plug the original earphone for Huawei mate 20 pro I start listening and when I stop listening for a while it stop working like it's unplugged and thank you.
Good afternoon. I have a problem and I cannot find the answer anywhere. I have even reset the settings and performed a factory reset. The GPS on my P Smart 2019, will not use mobile data to find location. The option isn't even available in the settings, only WiFi scanning and Bluetooth scanning are available. I have followed the path; Settings> Security & Privacy> Location access> Advanced settings.

This issue means that when I am out and about I can't use apps such as Google maps, or any games where it tracks your location. I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue as all phones should be able to perform this task easily.
Hi @Amy

Restore factory settings:
What can I do, when Huawei pushes an update automatically onto my phone WITHOUT asking me first? How do I make a backup so I don't loose all my data when the update fails and I get stuck with a non working eRecovery?

We really like to know how to recover from Huawei's mistake with our data intact!
After restet of the phone and recovery of all data the keyboard is not working anymore. What should I do? I was not able to use my phone anymore..


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