Headphone settings p20 pro

Type C to headphone jack cable ( that came with the phone) suddenly not working

Used for car aux
Works in partners phone with headphones (same phone)

When connected to my phone music still plays through phone speakers
I called into network provider today who said there is a setting called OTG that I need to activate - can't find this setting anywhere!?

Used to work no problem and suddenly it doesn't seem to recognise there is anything connected.

Charging works as normal fast&slow and the connector to headphone jack works in another phone?


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Do you get the notification banner when you plug your device in?
You should be able to change how i5lt operates from this.

Eg plugged into laptop but clicked the check to always charge only.
The notification bar shows its connected and you can open it from there.

My headphone adapter is still in the wrapper as I use Bluetooth always
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Though I think it could be down to emui version as this seems to have caused many different problems with the P Series.
Hi, no notification banner. It's as though nothing has been connected 🤷
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Before trying a full reset, create a guest user or a new user and then connect the USB and see if still the same.
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Hi @Sarahh01 not sure if the OTG setting is the same, but try under Settings > Smart Assistance > More > OTG. You can then toggle on or off.
@Danjl this is what shows, headphone cable is plugged in

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Ah ok so looks like its not the same 🙁. I've flagged for the support team to look into. Or you can contact them direct.
@Danjl thankyou so much for your help!
@Plymalan thankyou for your comment, I've just created a new user and still the same.. looking to get in touch directly with Huawei then final option to back up and restore.
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Think you should do backup and restore first as they'll make you do that anyway.
@Plymalan restore complete. Still not working 😞
Hi Sarah, just wondering if you had any luck with this yet? After using Bluetooth headphones for ages, I lost them and reverted back to the original huawei pair that came with the phone.
Wen I plug them in - and press play on the music, the sound comes through the phones speaker and not through the connected headphones.
I have the same menu options as you.
Extremely frustrating!