How to get full manual control over video P20 Pro?

Hi, newb to Huawei but not to videography. I have the P20 Pro. When recording video in 4K, the camera constantly changes exposure for the scene resulting in flickering of the light. I can lock in my chosen white balance, metering mode and focus choice. But I have no control over ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Obviously for a beginner this is great as the scene will always be correctly exposed. However, I post edit in Premiere Pro and I need control over these parameters also. Please can the developers release an updated mode to unlock these features (as they are in pro photo mode). Or if anyone knows of another solution I'm missing, please advise. The video quality on this camera is insane. If these features were unlocked, it truly would be a PRO camera. Thanks.

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Hello Placebo365,

Thank you for bring this to our attention. Your feedback is valuable to us and I will forward it to our dev. team.
Perhaps the features you are seeking for the video control will be available with a future update.
Until that moment if you find anything with such a degree of control within an app from the Playstore, we would greatly appreciate your input into this subject and maybe if you are willing to share some tips and tricks in post editing as well 😉

Best wishes,
Is there a third party app thats lets you control the video exposure manually, or at least lock it.....but also incorporates the phone's video image stabilization?
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I'm not certain about the exact feature you asked for, but you might try a look at Open Camera or Bacon Camera from the play store. They are both excellent and free.




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