Issue editing and sending videos

  • 23 July 2019
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I am having issues when editing and sending videos on my p20 pro. For the last 4 months, on and off, i have had trouble sending videos on facebook messenger, facebook and instagram. On messenger, it will compress the video down to 1 second and only play sound... When I try post my video on facebook it wont load.
Also, when I go on to edit my videos, I am getting a message saying "Editing is not supported for this video format".
I really need to be able to have the ability to send and edit videos... Would love if someone can provide me with some assistance, as this alone is making me want to change phones.
note: I have cleared my cache, restarted my phone etc

1 reply

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Hi there!

We're sorry to hear about the situation you've experienced!

Have you tried a simple factory reset?

Here's some help:

Please let us know if this helped!