No 16:9 format photos on Mate 20 Pro

  • 9 December 2018
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It is with a very sad heart that I discovered that the Mate 20 Pro does not take pictures in 16:9 format. The camera was one of the main reasons I bought this phone, but as it stands, they (the photos) are almost useless because of it.

One thing I like to do is to go out in nature and take pictures that I use as a wallpaper for my PC. The pictures also look much better when they fill the screen as I browse through them.

I cannot comprehend this decision. Please, someone in the know, explain for me the reasoning behind this (is it to be able to stack the sensors in the configuration they are - hence a form over function decision?).

No one on Earth has a 4:3 TV or screen anymore. Almost every phone have the ability to take 16:9 photos for obvious reasons. I'm majorly disappointed and frankly I wouldn't have bought it if I knew this before. It's a definite dealbreaker.

The only thing that may prevent me from not returning it is if there will be an update that will enable 16:9, although that would mean a loss of quality since the sensors are 4:3 shaped. Anyone have an insider tip on this?

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12 replies

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+1, I'd like to see this option as well!
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Not from me unfortunately. Still miss this deeply myself. Are there any ways of taking the request for this higher up the food chain?
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I started a thread to invite others in requesting this feature, please go there and voice your opinion. Link:
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Hey @bjorsim

There is the option for 18.8:9 though. This seems especially good when using the wide-angled lens. Sorry if this doesn't help for what you're after.
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There is of course the option do use a 3rd party camera app (which I've downloaded), but they only use the main camera and they don't have the awesome night mode and the other AI features, which is why I'm hoping for an update.
Comon guys, join in!

Please help me tell Huawei they should solve the missing 16:9 photo ratio.

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Okay, so I've read some more and it seems 4:3 sensors are common because it best matches the round lenses, which makes sense. Even still, shouldn't be hard to have 16:9 functionality even if it means fewer megapixles.

I could crop every picture, but it's a hassle and it doesn't seem to produce as good quality as when it's done at the source.
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Yes, that's true. But it's unfortunately not much better for me as you still get black bars on 16:9 screens.
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I've read there's an update coming now that will enhance the camera, but no info so far whether it will include new features such as 16:9.
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Hi. Are there any news about camera software and 16:9 format?
I'm considering buying an P20, but without the option to take 16:9 pictures, its useless for me...
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Hi all,

I closed this topic, lets continue the discusion in @bjorsim's other thread.
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@Jon Petersen I moved your post here to avoid duplication.