#TuesdayTips: P30 Pro Dual View

  • 6 June 2019
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From now on, we'll share a tip with you every Tuesday. 💡

Our first tip:

Here's how to capture the whole picture and the small details at once using Huawei P30 Pro Dual View. #TuesdayTips

How to use Dual View:
  • Go to Camera > More > Dual View.
  • Tap the recording button and Voila, there it is.
Feel free to share your Dual View creations below.

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5 replies

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Quick question,
Why is dual view only used for video? why can it not be used for photos?
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Hi @Crawshaw09,

That is a very good question!

We have taken your feedback into account and escalated the provided information further to the appropriate departments.

This will be reviewed and hopefully added as a new feature to our devices with an upcoming update! Very good idea once again!

Should we have any news, we will keep you updated on the situation!

Best wishes,
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testing the dual-view video mode in Brussels.

At the end of the day, you need some reason to use it😐that's most likely the difficult part

Would be nice if the transition between lenses when zooming was smoother

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I love my p30 pro's dual video setting
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Hey @Badger, great video! Thanks for sharing. I moved it to this thread, hope thats ok. 🙂