Honor 9 stuck on erecovery loop after EMUI 9 official update

  • 24 April 2019
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Hi all,
this morning after like a week that my Honor 9 keep telling me to update to Emui 9 and Android 9 I finally decided to pull the trigger. I thought what can go wrong it is not the first time I am updating my software.
So I updated: all files where downloaded, phone countdown till reboot needed... 3, 2, 1... reboot. Blue honor screen one time... two time... then a message showing big booting problem appeared and the phone entered erecovery mode. It wants me to 1. Install last update and recovery. 2. Wipe all data. 3. Reboot. 4. Shutdown.
Tried shutdown or reboot, it did not worked I am stuck on erecovery boot loop. So I search on the internet and I am finding many users with honor or huawei devices being in the same situation as mine. And they said doing point one is not working anyway. So the last resort is wipe all data. I really do not want to erase all my data because I do not have a backup. I tried using Hi suite to backup all but when I connect my phone to the pc the device is not showing up on the software.

I really do not know how to do and how to fix this problem preventing big data loss. It is a little mind blowing to me that people is left in this situation on a known problem after an official OTA update...

Can you please advise on how to proceed on the topic or support in some shape or form?
Ty very much.

13 replies

You're not the only one. I have an Honor 9 too, which automatically decided to update at night during vacation and failed. So I even didn't initiate the update. I don't know what to do either. I don't want to wipe the phone, since I have vacation photos on it and the "download and recovery" doesn't work.
I went to the local support center, in milan I am italian, and the girl there told me the ONLY thing they can do is send the phone to support and they reset everything to factory, wiping all data. She said for privacy reason they cannot make backup anymore. It will take 10 days she said. I said nah I am going to try to solve this by myself is this is all the "suppor"t Honor or Huawei can provide to customers.
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Whenever there's an update, the device will recommend you to do a backup. Most of the times it is not needed, but in some rare cases yes. You can also disable the overnight update setting, by going to

Settings --> System --> Software update --> Tap on the cog-wheel at the top right --> Disable the option "Update overnight". You can also disable the "Auto-download over Wi-Fi" option, which means next time there's a patch available, you'll receive a notification.

Concerning repair centre, yes, all they can do is wipe your data for privacy reasons. Have you not seen all the news about Huawei spying etc etc? That's why they wipe all data of the customer device, to avoid extra controversies. In many cases, your data is even wiped just for a screen replacement. Officially, in this case, Huawei cannot really help you if your goal is to keep your data.
I mean, sure they mention to make a back up of your data in the last sentences but still they should NOT push faulty update to users, then remove it and then provide no mean to recover or ANY official words on the problems customers are encountering... It is just not professional.
So if you brick your phone because of a faulty official update, well may I ask huawei or honor to maybe provide some more support to customers?
@DRSC Media In my case I had disabled the overnight update and apparently they enabled it again later. Further more if I don't get to decide if I want to update how can I take a backup before the update - just in case the fully automatic update goes bad?
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The update didn't necessarely fail because this one was faulty, here you are just assuming things. Who told you the update was a "faulty official update"?

Besides, you did get the answer, you went to see Huawei's support in Milan. I'm not sure what kind of "more support" you are expecting.
The update didn't necessarely fail because this one was faulty, here you are just assuming things. Who told you the update was a "faulty official update"?

Besides, you did get the answer, you went to see Huawei's support in Milan. I'm not sure what kind of "more support" you are expecting.

It has been quite a few years since I have been to Milan - it might have been before my first mobile phone. But I guess @sssavio recently visited a support center there 🙂
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In that case yes, only solution from Huawei is reset/fully reinstall software.

Some easy backup options are Huawei Cloud (5GB free, 50GB for 11.88€/year), which automatically backups photos, screenshots, notes, contacts, calender, blocked list and recordings. Whatsapp has a settings to backup regularly (if enabled), up to daily, on Google Drive, and documents can be saved on Huawei Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. HiSuite allows for full backups via the PC, but has to be done manually.

This obviously doesn't help in this case, but can prevent this kind of situations in the future.
Don't get me wrong I am not trying to fight with anybody. I just want to know if there is ANY way to recover my data before wiping all my phone. It was definitely my fault not having a backup, that is for sure. If you search the internet for this type of problem anyway it seems it affect a number of people so I am definitely not the only one. I prefer having honor make some official statement because this would stop speculation: right now one italian site is reporting the problem and is reporting that people that had the emui 9 update ready to install on their phone cannot update anymore as it seems huawei pulled the update off on the 26 of april.
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It's hard to say whether there's a solution or not, especially when all the information/knowledge I have is the official one.

I don't want to bring your hopes up, but you might be able to make a copy of all the data on your phone (system, your files, etc, essentially the whole package) and see with a data recovery specialist whether something can be done or not. There's also software allowing you to recover data from bricked devices, although I'm not sure how well they work with Huawei, as Huawei does things slightly different compared to other manufacturers.

But, don't take my word for it, as I wouldn't know. At this point it wouldn't cost you much to have a look in that direction.
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Hi @sssavio and @Chau,

I am very sorry to hear about the situation that has occurred after an update.

In regards to this, if you cannot lose the data that is currently on the device before performing a factory reset I would recommend to visit a data recovery center as they may be able to make a backup for your data.

As we do not personally collaborate with any of them, we are not able to recommend a data recovery center with the UK- kindly search for the nearest one in your area.

After the data has been saved, in order to bypass the eRecovery Bootloop please continue further with a factory reset of the device. This will re-download all of the update packages and properly install the update as something might have gone wront while doing so the first time around.

I hope the above proves useful.

Best wishes,
Hi @Max

In my specific situation, I don't understand why I have to pay for data recovery when huawei is the one who made a screw up. Think of the analogy:

You own a modern car. During the night the manufacturer decides to update the software. The next morning the car tells you that the update failed, you have to return the car for service and everything in the car has already been thrown out.

I didn't ask for the update, I didn't agree to update. Huawei decided that the update should be installed without informing me and that's where I expect them to take responsibility too. Huawei could choose to work with us to fix it. It's probably quite easy for them to help us.

Regards Casper
Hi @sssavio

Do you have any news regarding this issue?

Regards, Casper