Always On Display on Mate 20 Pro

  • 5 November 2018
  • 2 replies

Previously I had a Samsung which when Always On Display is enabled you have options to what to have and what it should do, it seems all I have on the Huawei Mate Pro 20 is the ability to enable or disable Always On Display, that's it, so when enabled I have the time jumping around the screen which is distracting as you assume you have received a notification (even though you know you don't have one as the phone although a phone doesn't let notifications other than a flashing light for the likes of WhatsApp on the lock screen anyway)

But when the only option is a jumping around time it's irritating and distracting, I want the time on the lock screen to keep still.l, is this possible.? Seems they have released the phone riding the camera hype and ignoring the basics.

2 replies

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Please expand on jumping around time. I used scheduled always on display since I got the phone. I came from Samsung too, not everyone is going to implement a feature the same way.

My AOD on my M20Pro does not jump around, it is fixed in position, however it is almost completely useless. Why can't it display notification icons from WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc like my brother's Galaxy S10 does?