Battery condition on Mate 20 Pro

  • 8 April 2019
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Hi, does anybody know how to check my battery health on huawei mate 20 pro? I wanted to check my battery condition. Any help will be appreciated


4 replies

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You can try an app like AccuBattery
I tried, can't display my battery health
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Hey @Tam, greetings!

We're happy to hear that you're using the Mate 20 Pro!

You can check some battery stats in the phone manager app or battery settings. I would suggest checking battery usage stats by tapping on the top right of the battery settings menu. For additional info you can even tap on the ℹ.

It's not a complete battery health report, but checking this often can give you advanced insight to power intensive apps and processes.

For a deeper look you might want to check the HiCare app as well, where you have a battery troubleshooting wizard.

I hope you will find this helpful!
You can try an app like AccuBattery

Hii, my AccuBattery app says 3800mAh! Brand new phone, i bought few weeks ago. I used the app 10 times at least and I paied the Pro version. What do you think?