Best Mate 20 X screen protector?

  • 27 April 2019
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the best screen protector for my MAHOOSIVE new phone! All input welcome


3 replies

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Hi Kemm7,

Thank you for asking your question. Let me tag some Mate 20 X users:

@Jmoon @Chris @360_planets @sam - any advice? 🙂
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You said best screen protector, but without trying lots of them I could not say 100% but this one in photo I got and it's been great, but bad for finger prints and had it over a month and although only dropped phone once, its still 100%
So I have to say this is definitely worth the money and was quick delivery
Enjoy your great phone

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Hi @kemm7

I'd love to help but I'm still using the pre-installed screen protector that came with the 20 X. I also have the Smart View Flip Cover, which will hopefully help protect against any damage (no drops so far). The cover is really good value from Amazon. Otherwise, the one @Chris suggests above looks like a great option.

It IS mahoosive isn't it 🙂