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Hi guys,

So I have always been with apple and just have converted to an android fone and got myself the huawei mate pro 20. I'm very new to this software and so far falling in love with it. Their is still Loads I have to learn about the fone feature but for now would like some help on the basics pls.

First question is, I drive a fiat 500 and have a USB cable that I would connect my fone with and pair the fone with my. Device and with my i fone didn't have any issues using waze app and Spotify for music. However with the mate pro 20 has paired with my car but only allows me to take calls and receive calls but won't connect with waze or Spotify.

I've tried everything and if anyone has any suggestions pls advice as I can't live without my music lol.

My second question is the huawei car kit? Seen an awesome car kit for the pro 10 or 20 with the case with built in magnet and know the mate pro 20 is new as I got on pre launch but would Love to know if huawei will be making one for mate pro 20?

Would appreciate any guidance to my questions pls.

Thank you for your time.


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Hi there
To answer your first question.... I have a Ford kuga and have paired my Mate 20 Pro to it and to use Spotify I play it on my phone and cycle through the car audio settings ie select CD, radio, or phone, if Spotify is playing on my phone and I select phone from my car it will play from car speakers, does your car have sat nav? If so you could download an app called Android Auto, and if you have waze installed in your phone and have your phone connected via USB you can use waze. Also were your phone is paired with your car, if you go to Bluetooth on your phone check to see if media audio is selected in the settings were your car is connected.

Hope that helps a bit.
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Make sure call audio, and media audio, is switched on when connected to your car. Screenshot was taken unconnected to my car.

Hello Harps,

If you'd like to listen to your Spotify music on the car with Bluetooth connection, I think this article is helpful for you: Top 5 Best ways to Play Spotify in the Car. Alternatively, if you feel connected HuaWei Mate 20 pro to your car is inconvenience, you also can download Spotify music to USB drive with Spotify music downloader for Windows, this tool can help you download Spotify to MP3 for free, then you can listen to them on any devices.


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