Bluetooth print problem?

  • 30 September 2019
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anyone have this problem before?

When you want to print a pdf file and you have a printer that has Bluetooth, you want to switch on your Bluetooth and select "drive pdf viewer" of the pdf file in hope to print a document. However when you press print and select a printer it fall in a loop to search for a printer. Whenever i used any software associated with it or any plugin, its the same. Does this Bluetooth to printer doesn't exist on this? I've seen Samsung phone works without flaws but i'm scratching my head with the mate 20 pro.

No i am not using wifi as i'm wanting to print it off from bluetooth. The HP office printer does bluetooth and works well with the note 9 but not mate 20 pro ( same android version).

1 reply

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@Imadomo sorry to see you've not had a response to your question yet. Have you managed to resolve this yet? If so, please share what you did with the community. If not, perhaps clearing your cache might help?