Camera resolution on Mate 20 pro

  • 23 September 2019
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I wonder why there is no option to choose a camera resolution between 40 mp, which takes away all zoom posibillities and only works in 3:4 mode, and the surprisingly low resolution at 3:4 (10 mp), 1:1 (7 mp) and 18,8:9 (6 mp) on my Mate 20 pro. I would guess most people these days use the full screen resolution, and it surprise me that the resolution on the Mate 20 pro is so low. I thought I bought one of the best cameras available on a mobile phone to day, but I think my old Samsung s7 under many conditions still take better pictures. Will there be an update to make It possible to choose between the low standard resolution and the ridiculous high 40 mp setting?

1 reply

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Hi @ToreGustavsen Welcome to the community. I've removed on of your posts to avoid duplicates and flagged with the support team to see if they can assist with your question.