Dolby Atmos + USB Android Auto Connection / Sound Problems on Huawei Mate 20 Pro

  • 3 August 2019
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my Problem is, that I have a realy bad sound, when i play music in my car over android auto and the usb connection. It sounds like it's a very flat sound without bass. I read a lot about this problem and troubleshooted it.

Quality is very well if i connect it over bluetooth media audio. I see dolby atmos is disabled in the bluetooth connection.

I read something in the android support for Huawei P9, they could disable Headset SWS and everything worked well. I didn't find this setting on my Mate.

Why can't I disable Dolby Atmos in normal mode? It say's: Always on in speaker mode.
I think this would solve many audio problems if you let it disable for some scenarios.

I hope I will get some useful Information about this problem or some workarounds from others having the same trouble.


1 reply

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Hi @silro87,

Welcome on the community! It seems that unfortunately the community does not have an answer for your query. Please take a look at this thread or reach out to our official support channels here