HiTouch Mate 20 Pro launch gesture

  • 25 November 2018
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Why on earth is HiTouch activated by two fingers on screen gesture? It means it launches EVERYtime you try to resize a photo, which is really frustrating.

Tbh the quality of the shopping suggestions it provides are pretty awful anyway so it's easily resolved by just switching off the HiTouch feature in settings. That said, if no-one uses this it's never going to improve. I strongly suggest Huawei alter the HiTouch launch gesture so that it is only triggered purposefully.

1 reply

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Hi Jmoon,

Thank you for your feedback. HiTouch is a feature constantly evolving and feedback of any nature helps it become a more useful addition to the Huawei app and product family.
I will forward you feedback to our dev. team and hopefully in the future updates this feature will be even better and more friendly.

Best wishes,