How to claim Huawei Watch GT and Wireless Charger

  • 6 November 2018
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Got a text overnight from Huawei saying my gift has been fulfilled and to refer to my email. However, there is no email so I'll carry on waiting.Email now received from DX saying it is coming today. I was validated on 28 November so I'm guessing most people will have had theirs by now
No still waiting for mine validated on 02 December, hopefully will turn up next week.

Just had the email from DX it's coming Monday.
Finally, it's arrived. I hope everybody else has received theirs by now.
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Does anyone have a contact to help me.

Huawei are refusing to honour the promotion.
Carphone warehouse have sent emails but they are refusing to talk to them.

They have said its a selerate promotions company that they have had problems with before.?
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Last email

Dear Mr Gilbert,
Thank you for your email.
First we explain the reason why we could not release information via the email ***
We are not allowed to share information with a third party, that is for security and privacy reasons, the law requires this, we hope you appreciate this.
We can now respond because you contact us with the email address registered on the claim.
On 22 November 2018 we have sent you an email with a request for further information.
The request was "Unfortunately, the document you have provided does not show the product purchased. Please provide a proof of pre-order which reflects a date of pre-order within this period, retailer and model/product." In the email it was mentioned that you have 7 calendar days to respond, after this the claim would become invalidated
Next you contact us via email on 7 January 2019.
You had sent us an order confirmation but this was not valid as it missed the required information, it does not show the product.
The promotion is closed, to our regret we did not receive the required information with the 7 calendar days and you claim has been invalidated which is conform the Huawei Terms and Condition.
Kind Regards,
Rob @ Huawei Promotional Support Team
Good afternoon, I pre-ordered 2x Huawei Mate 20 Pro phones in Twilight from SKY Mobile. 1 for myself and another for my partner. We ordered this on 25/10/18 before the cut off date for the free bundle - GT Watch and wireless charger worth £259.
I work for SKY and as per their website stated this gift comes with the phone ordered between a certain time frame which I made.

The phone maybe was out of stock as we only received it on 08/11/18. As per SKY's website when ordering online, it showed that an email would be sent to claim the gift but I was concerned as I go on holiday on 17/11/18 and no email sent. I have since then called SKY Mobile twice and escalated through management only to be told the offer doesnt apply to this phone and then I have to wait 14 days after my cooling off period with them till this email will be sent.

Well a few things concern me about this:
  1. Your website under terms of this offer state only 1 offer per participant. So does this mean only myself or partner can claim the free gift? IF this is the case please let me know ASAP and I will cancel 1 contract with SKY Mobile and go elsewhere as that is mis-selling to me. No where on the website when ordering the phone was that mentioned. ONLY since I have done my own online investigating have I seen this rule under 'terms'.
  2. I am also concerned SKY Mobile do not know their own deals advertised online for the pre-order of this phone. That dissapoints me, however as per your site it shows SKY as a qualifying retailer for this deal.
  3. I do not want to miss another offer, as my partner has 2 phones. 1 business Huawei through 02 and now with SKY for his personal, and on getting the p20 pro, your website form to submit for free wireless earphones was down and we never got that offer. I tried escalating a complaint and a straight no.
  4. Feeling very hard done by and regretting buying this brand of phone as it feels like fake advertisement of offers getting customers onboard to purchase the phone and not following through with promised offers.
Could someone let me know the following:
  1. Does the offer only apply to 1 phone I bought or can I get it on the 2 Mate 2 pro phones I purchase through SKY as their website led me to believe.
  2. Do I have to wait 14 days from delivery (08.11.18) till I can claim my gift? / wait for the email to be sent to claim gift as SKYS website stated? OR can I claim direct on your website.
  3. As I ordered online with SKY they do NOT send an invoice I can only screen shot the emails sent confirming my order and dispatch and a copy of my credit agreement if needed? Pls advise.
I simply just want to get what you advertised a free gift against 2 phones purchased in my name. If I have spent this money on 2 phones why should I only be allollowed 1 free gift?
Like I said, please let me know so I can send 1 phone back and purchase elsewhere if needed.

I look forward to your reply.


Hi Helena, how did you get on with managing to get your watch and charger? I'm in the same predicament and waiting to hear if it is going to be honoured.
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Well I've given up.
So pissed off with Huawei.