How to repair a water damaged phone?

  • 28 December 2018
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How to repair a water damaged phone?
Can we clean the device by ourselves? This article will give you some tips:

  • If the amount of water is less and it is pure fresh water, you may just dry the device by putting in a dry and ventilated place, ensure the water evaporates completely and try to turn on your device.
  • If the amount of water is higher, or other mixed liquids, such as sea water, soup, etc. It is recommended that you go to Customer Service Center for repairs immediately. These must be cleaned up to ensure that there will be no corrosion problems in the device.

Steps for the repair as follow:
Disassemble -> disconnect the battery -> clean and blow dry -> test -> repair or direct assembly if no hardware damage found
1) If the water intake is small and the device is not damaged, it may only need to disconnect the battery, then cleaned and blown dry, the device will be reinstalled if tested without any problem.
2) If the water intake is large, such as contact with water for a long time, the water may enter the mobile phone display and the motherboard. If there is circuit damage or functional influence, the motherboard or other parts needs to be replaced. If luckly,the device is tested without any problem,it will be reinstalled directly.
3) The repair fee may depend on your device situation, kindly refer to any authorized service center for further information.
4) Pay attention, any liquid damage caused by accident or human faulty is not covered by the warranty. It is recommended that you to visit authorized customer service center for repair.

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