Huawei Mate 20x dual Sim and 5g

  • 31 August 2019
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Hi there... Really pleased with my Huawei Mate 20x - I've loaded it with an EE SIM and an O2 SIM. Both work, even though the phone was shipped from EE and was "advertised" as locked to EE. O2 is fine and even though 5g is not yet announced in the UK for O2 until October 2019, I see the 5gb symbol appear on the O2 SIM, and yet NOT on SIM2 (EE) - for that I see 2g/3g/4g.

This could simply be labelling them the other way around, but I wondered if anyone is uing dual sim on two different UK networks? (especially where one is 5g ready and the other isn't)

Great phone in any case...

One last question - is this phone Wifi 6 enabled (i.e. 802.11ax? )

2 replies

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@lordforbes glad you're enjoying the new phone. Perhaps @TechZilla as he tested the Mate 20 x 5g using an EE 5g sim has some thoughts.
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Have you tried it with just one sim card to see if that makes a difference? When I have used just my EE sim it shows correctly and switched to 5g when in a 5g area. Also are you using the correct settings for each individual sim card? ie apn settings, which is the preferred sim card for data etc?