If I delete 'All Photos' will it delete the photos in my favourites and other albums?

  • 29 August 2019
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I have about 20,000 photos in 'all photos' and my phone is now telling me I need to upgrade my storage plan again. As I've gone along I have favourite my favourite photos and put them into separate albums so I can find them easily. If I delete all photos will it also delete these photos from my favourites abd albums or will these stay as they are. I want to free up some space but do t want to risk loosing everything! Thanks. X

2 replies

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Hello Photos (including Favorites) The photo you deleted from the "All photos" section is also deleted from the "Favorites" folder. Instead of backing it up to your computer with the Hisuite program, you can then undo the important ones. Thereby no data loss.
Or use Google Photos and forgot Huawei, that's my daughter does on her iPhone to make space.