Instal default weather app on Mate 20 Pro

  • 25 November 2018
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Hello I accidentally uninstalled default weather app on Huawei mate 20 pro and now can't find it. Could anyone tell me please where to find this default weather app? Thank you in advance!

Best answer by Max 26 November 2018, 20:29

Hi J. Jonaitis

No worries there are 2 options in this case. The first one in the Huawei AppGallery you can search for weather and install the default one once more, or if it came with the phone it will be present once more after a factory reset, but the first option is simpler of course.

Hope you found this helpful and as always if you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us via forum or via mail, chat or hotline at

Best wishes,
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The default Weather on Android phones, including this Huawei, isn't an app, its a 'widget'. No need to go to the app store, reset to factory default or through any other rigmaroles mentioned on this thread.

Just go to the home page, press and hold an empty space, select 'widgets' from the list at the bottom, scroll to 'Weather' and select it and then the layout option you want.

Depending on the blank space and layout selected, you might need to move things around on the home page to get everything where you want it.
I am facing the same problem on my P20 which makes me annoyed so much! This is kind of rediculous to be able to delete default app and never be installed again. Furthermore, judging from the first conversation being started several months ago and no actions being taken since then, I doubt if HUAWEI takes customer's opinion as primary issue. I strongly ask HUAWEI to upload default weather app on HUAWEI app gallery so that users who acccidentally delete it can download it again.

Hi, I found the official Huawei weather app in Huwei Appgallery, to install it you must change the region to China and find the application and install it. I installed it and it doesn't work for me, but first try it, maybe it'll work for you.
**An important requirement is that you have Emui version 9.1 to be able to install application. Here I leave you the link:
Encontré una aplicación excelente en AppGallery. ¡Pruébala!
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I extracted the default Huawei Weather app from my phone and uploaded it here. Let me know if it works for you.!Ah2FYd4dQYXMtsBC1qJHYEynMTPxSw
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Please do not download any application outside of the google play store or Huawei store.

The only safe way to install the default weather app is unfortunately to factor reset.
So I found out how to reinstall it back
Basically you need to make a seacond user on your phone(I forgot how to do it)
And go to Huawei App Gallery > Manager (in the lower right corner) then select installation manager
Then you should be able to see all the apps on your phone (it doesn't matter on which user it show all the apps on your phone) then keeps scrolling down till you see the weather app then you can install it
Yes it is a hassle.
My bank app is linked/locked to my Phone
So I can't jus simply reset the Phone
There should be a link to download the app, PERIOD
Hey guys.
First of all, there's no such thing as a widget without an app. Yes, the weather thing on the home screen is a widget, but a widget that is provided by the weather app.

Today I accidentally deleted the Huawei stock weather app, so I was like most of you - accidentally rid of the clock & weather widget that I like a lot.

I was checking all the posts in this thread, here's my conclusion:

- the default weather app is not available in the Huawei app gallery or the play store in my region
- all the available apps did not satisfy me
- factory reset would work, but I just spent a day to set up my Huawei P30, I don't want to do that jzst again, if not necessary
- I didn't try the adb install as posted in the thread. I would test it, but found another solution in the meantime
- Huawei does not recommend to install apks from unknown sources (only from gallery or playstore)
- However, the default security settings show, that there are many apps where Huawei's default setting is to allow 3P apks (I changed that in the meantime, as I think the default setting is very dangerous, installation from the file manager or the stock browser are enabled!)
- It has been reported in this thread, that some apks didn't work
- This one, did work for me:

Have a good one!
Hi Max,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I was actually trying to find the original weather app in the huawei AppGallery, however there are lots of similar apps alike and I struggled to find the one which was originally installed. Maybe you could share a link for that app or a screenshot for me to know which app is it? I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you,
Unfortunately my phone won't let me install the Dropbox supplied .APK, even though I have the settings set to allow it.

Thanks for trying. Good to know someone is.
You'd think it would be easy to add their own weather app to their own app store...

Max has been helpful, it'd just be nice to see a resolution.
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I've extracted the huawei weather app from my mate 20 pro.

Apk is available from here

Hope this helps
I had the same problem on my P30. The answer from ItsRKM above helped me - thank you!

I could find the weather app, but wanted to reinstate the weather info at the top of my home screen, which (I now know) is a widget not an app.

Follow tsRKM advice "Just go to the home page, press and hold an empty space, select 'widgets' from the list at the bottom, scroll to 'Weather' and select it and then the layout option you want." Although on a P30 drag 2 fingers in to access the widgets
On a related note, I noticed that when my phone had a system update recently, the weather app stopped making its lovely sound effects. I can't seem to find an option to turn them on again. Is it possible to download an earlier version of the weather app? Or is there another way to bring back the sound effects? Many thanks!
Yeah, can also confirm that @mayhem 's link worked for my P20 Lite (tho I had to get the 2nd most recent for it to work)
I was confused by the layout at first since you have to click through quite a few links, but in the end it definitely restores the app!!
That working for me
Same problem here thought I was deleting the second weather app I had installed.

Cannot believe there is no easy solution or that even uninstall was possible if it's OS critical.

My phone is UK from Three
Since I'm facing the same problem on my Huawei P20, and there is still no sollution; I'd like to ask if retrieving the original Weather app will also retrieve the clock widget (the big one) on my home screen? This is because I lost the clock altogether with the weather widget when accidentally deinstalled the app this morning! Just to mention that I still have the clock appearing on the upper right corner of the screen.
Thanks for the answer.
Hi myhy23!
Could you, please, type the full command line for ADB shell cmd in order to restore the default weather app?
Many thanks!
ADB shell cmd package install-existing
do you mean:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools\ADB shell cmd package install-existing

You type exactly like in comment (or you can copy/paste from comment)
But how?

My phone is currently connected to the PC and ADB works properly because I can see my device in the cmd list by typing command "adb devices"

Please, advise how to transfer the command "ADB shell cmd package install-existing" to my Mate 20 RS?

Please, give more detailed insructions.

I appologise for the stupid questions but I'm not an expert in this field.

Thank you in advance for your support!
Hi, having the same issue. Deleted the default weather widget as the location was not automatically updating and thought reinstalling it may fix the problem. Now I can't reinstall it as it is not in the play store/ app gallery. I don't want other widgets/ apps as they come with ads etc. Can you please advise?
step 1 make sure your phone is connected by run adb devices in adb

step 2 copy (ctrl+c)
ADB shell cmd package install-existing

step 3 go to adb window and paste (ctrl+v) command, then press enter

for selecting text you keep left clik pressed
you can also copy/paste by selecting text and right click
make sure you select only the command, without space. the good command is bolded and italic

look like that when it's successful

sorry for bad english.