Lag while scrolling up and down on Mate 20 Pro

  • 7 February 2019
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Ive just upgraded to the mate 20 Pro with Vodafone. However I find the phone lags/stutters when I'm scrolling up and down in a website. You see it more when you scroll slowly. I've got nothing on the phone yet... I've not downloaded anything. My old Samsung s7 seems more smoother!! Anyone else experience this? Please help or I'm returning this phone... It's so annoying

18 replies

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I've not experienced this nor heard of anyone else having the issue.

It maybe down to your connection speed while loading a webpage?

If it continues and is a significant problem I would return the device for exchange at point of purchase.
I doubt it's my connection speed... I've tried the same web page on my old s7 my husband's OnePlus 5t and my sister's s9... Mine mate 20 Pro is the only 1 lagging??? The website I tried was

Ive tried everything above 😟
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Hi @masuma,

If you are experiencing the same issue, can you please PM me the Serial Number of your device?

You can find this information either on Settings > About phone > Status or on the box of the device.

If you provide me the Serial Number, I will be able to look into this further.

Looking forward to your reply! :)

Best wishes,
Hey @Max , i have same problem with my mate 20 lite. I've tried everything above and a few other things also but couldnt manage to solve this problem. Can you help me, i will send you my serial number by pm.
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Hey @Raplic,

Feel free to send me your device's Serial and Build number in PM.

We'll figure out something!

I experienced something similar with my Mate 20. When Chrome is longer stored in memory, scrolling gets laggy over time. When I reload Chrome (swipe it from memory) everything is buttery smooth , until it gets choppy again.
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Hej Dampflokfreund,

Sorry to see that you are having the same issues. Please share your serial and build number in a private message with @Max. He will be able to assist you. 🙂
Guys there is no feedback from pm. Please atleast give some cue about Android pie release date for mate 20 lite. Im thinking of going back to ios. 3-4 years old iPhones are better both on overall and gaming performance. They say May for Android pie release. Should we wait for 2 more months for an update that we dont know if it'll work or not. I think Huawei should figure it out immedietly with an preupdate.
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I've noticed this as well, especially when I type in the security code after the fingerprint unlock doesn't work (for the millionth time!!)
Really annoying to look down and see that the phone just can't keep up with the typing speed...just another annoyance to add to the growing list!
I have just bought my mate 20 pro. I have never had so laggy phone before. It lags when scrolling specially in chrome.. I have also been trying scrolling with opera and other browser and the same... It is so laggy! How can i fix it?
I have bought mate 20 pro and this phone is the most laggy phone I have ever had.
This phone lags while scrolling specially in chrome and other browsers...
I have updatet the phone and software
I have done the factory reset
I have turn off magnification gesture
I have turned off smooth scrolling...
Nothing helps...

Is it just my phone or other mate 20 pro as the same issue?
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Hi @Arash,

Can you please PM me the Serial Number as well? I will look into this then.

You will find the serial number either on Settings > About phone > Status or on the box of the device.

Looking forward to your reply!

Best wishes,
@Max do you even check PMs.?
I have already send you pm @Max
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As you've not had a response yet we'd suggest you reach out to our official support channels here