Mate 20 lite - All SD cards appear as damaged

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Same Problem with my Mate 20 lite bought 1 month ago in Germany. My new Samsung 128GB Class 10 Card sometimes disappears from memory leaving it unaccessible. After reboot of phone the card is recognized again... for some time... No data corruption yet, but very annoying!!!

Any official statement from Huawei?
Flo9 wrote:

Flo9 wrote:

stasas wrote:

Nice to hear that, what does that mean? That we would just have to update, or we will have to send phone to servis?

According to their statement we should wait for the update. I wasn’t given an ETA but they said the issue has priority because many users experience it.

Update 2: Just received an email from Huawei with the clarification that the information they provided me was outdated. They tried to solve it via update but it failed. The faulty devices have to be sent in for repair.

Good job Huawei.

Got my phone back from service. It works fine until now. They replaced the mainboard, within two days. Think I got lucky this time. I will return my second one now, hope I will be lucky too.

Edit: Because you often asked for it, here the official statement of the Huawei Support team (in German):

Short summary: It’s a known bug and there won’t be a software update. The device has to be sent to service.
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Well, that's really bad news!! Had 2 "SD-checkouts" within a few hours now...
Will test a bit using different SD-Card/formatting before returning the device...
Same problem here...
I have bought a brand new mate 20 lite before 5 days and today i had get this error message for the first time in my phone. I'm using a Sandisk extreme pro 64GB mini SD. After a restart, my SD seems to work fine.
I will wait to see if it will fail again and if that, i will go to Huawei exclusive service center here in Athens/Greece to ask if they can fix it.
Im updated to EMUI SNE-LX1

Hi Guys,

Just an update from my side......

Cleared the phones cache, wipe completely to factory. Inserted and reformatted the micro SD card......... Even with a clean phone with all stock apps........... And still the SD card issue appears.

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I reformatted my Samsung 128GB card inside the Phone and restored everything onto the card... No Card error for 2 days now... still fingers crossed...
I have the same problem with two Mate 20 Lite and many different microsd of different brand and capacity...
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Today my Mate 20 Lite declared the SD-Card as damaged again... Had to reconnect the card unter System-settings...Strange behaviour... Really think it's a software/firmware problem... Will wait some time before I'll send the device back...
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Well tonight, SD Errors again! After reboot the card is recognised again That's very frustrating. Think I have to return the device... 😞
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Same problem for me. I contacted support and they offered to check and repair the phone. In a different forum I read reports of people who sent their phones in with the same issue several times without getting it solved. I don't want to be in this club. I still could return the phone and get my money back.
So, is there any new official information regarding the SD card error? Was it solved for you after you sent your phone in? Which alternative phone (different brand is ok) could you recommend in the same price range?

Edit: Why is this thread marked solved when the issue still isn't solved?
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Also to me the same problem, several sd cards tried and always the same error. Can someone tell us if it is a solvable software problem ??? I'm afraid to bring it to service and do not solve the problem anyway. it is absurd to put on the market a mobile phone that presents these problems so obvious. Huawei bad.
Quoto the fact that the problem has not been solved, why mark the problem as resolved?
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I would appreciate an official statement from Huawei too!
It makes no sense sending the device for repair when the manufacturer has no clue *what* has to be repaired. There are so many Mate 20 Lite owners with exactly the same SD problem here. I mean an SD card slot is a standard interface on smartphone devices. It *has* to work flawlessly! Never had these problems on any of my previous devices...
Same problem as reported by other. Device is 10 days old. What a pity to have such a problem and without solution yet. If any solution, please post here. My first and last huawei device.
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After a long conversation with the very polite and humble ladies at the email support they offered me to repair the phone and promised to send a return label. When the label didn't arrive I once again asked for more detailed info on the error. Today they sent me a mail with the "good news" that there will be a software update in the near future. I don't know what to think of this. That's the exact same thing they promised the other "victims" two months ago. Then they said it's a hardware thing and now it's software again?
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Well, today I had to "repair" my SD-Card using my PC... My Mate 20 Lite had "killed" numerous Subdirectories on the card under DCIM/Camera including their contents of hundred of photos. After the repair they are back again. I really don't believe in a software fix any more, but in a severe hardware fault! This device will be returned as soon I get hands on a spare Smartphone for the weeks to come, and it will be returned numerous times, 'till Huawei will find a fix!! Sorry but i'm really *annoyed* to use polite words... Can't recommend Huawei as a Smartphone manufacturer at the moment...
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New firmware today: EMUI SNE-LX1
No comment on SD fixes...
This is my last try!
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The SD card error persists with the new firmware My photos are shredded again...😫
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I removed the microSD card doday. For me is enough. I'm using just the internal memory for now. If it is a hardware problem , no more Huawei phones for me. Happy new year! You too Huawei!
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Testando la SD di Kingstom e nessun problema. Non so ma con questo marchio di SD non viene visualizzato il problema con SanDisk e Samsung c'è il problema. Testando la SD di Kingstom e nessun problema. Non è pervenuto problema con SanDisk e Samsung non si verifica alcun problema. Non per oggetto ma non è un problema. Non per spiegare ma con questo MarcTestando la SD di Kingstom e nessun problema. Non per spiegare ma con QTestando la SD di Kingstom e nessun problema. Non così TESTANDO Kingstom SD e nessun problema Testando Kingstom SD e NTstando Kingstom SD o SD's TestingHeadTest
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jimbox99 wrote:

From Greece and I face the same problem on two Huawei Mate 20 Lite devices here the delegation can not handle the problem
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@Amy / Huawei, how many people do we need to start considering this a recall/refund event?

I believe we've been very patient and open to suggestions, but seeing that OTA updates are not working to fix it, and users that sent the unit back received it unrepaired or with another device with the same seems that other alternatives could be in discussion.
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With Kingston's SD is not the problem discussed
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in Greece in discussions we have done in forum There is a lot of people with this problem
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the problem I have faced with too many cards and lastly with

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spiros wrote:

in Greece in discussions we have done in forum There is a lot of people with this problem

Sas efcharistó Spyridon. Could you link me pls to the greek forum you are referring to?
I'm trying to help @Amy get as much information so that we can start seeing alternate solutions to this topic.


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