Mate 20 Pro and G2 watch- Bluetooth and connectivity issue

  • 5 January 2019
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Hello all

I've just noticed that my G2 watch and my new Mate 20 Pro have started not connecting to one another, especially through Bluetooth. It will work one minute, then not the next. I've done the usual troubleshooting and even rebooted and paired the phone again where it works briefly and then disconnects from the phone.

Any suggestions? I love both of these bits of kit but they've started disagreeing with one another!



4 replies

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Hi Marc,

Can you please tell me if you try to pair the device directly through Bluetooth or if you are using the Huawei Health app?

Also, is the watch working with other devices?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,
Have you turned off WiFi for a try?
Is Logitec MX Anywhere S2 bluetooth not support on connection ?
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@Eddy_Boy I've moved your question to this topic. Hopefully, your question will have a quicker answer this way.