Mate 20 Pro Audio Jack Adapter 3.5mm USB C Audio Adapter

  • 12 March 2019
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I know the Mate 20 Pro comes with USB-C headphones. However I wanted to use my existing headphones for music. My problem is that I get no sound or any notification to say an adapter has been plugged in or other headphones etc.

Anyone else has tested the included adapter and did they find any issues?
If I am not mistaken the included USB-C headphones pop up a notification once plugged in.
Why not the adapter?


6 replies

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Does anyone know what 3.5mm does the adapter support?
I expect it is the standard three-ringed audio jack?

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Hey @VasTheGreek!

The adapter should support most types of 3.5mm audio jacks. Have you tried other adapters as well? Maybe the one you have received by default is faulty. In the first three months you could get it replaced through the manufacturers warranty.

Please test with other dongles as well to see if the issue still persists!

Best wishes!
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The adapter should support most types of 3.5mm audio jacks. Have you tried other adapters as well?

Hi Max

Well I can only try with other headphones. I have not contacted their support yet. I will do tonight.
So I have not tried with another adapter either. I suppose I could get one online but I if it is faulty I was hoping to get a free replacement.

Hi, vasthegeek

I'v had no problems with the Huawei 3.5mm usb-c adaptor (on mate 20 pro) works with all my headphones/iem + ordered more frm eBay & got a 3.5mm to usb-c cable for my beyerdynamic headphones all work fine.. I'm sure ur is adaptor faulty..

P. S. Both 2 & 3 ring plugs work aswell.

Hope this helps

Hi Ponj,

Could mate 20 pro USB c output high bitrate audio,because the phone built- in with a dac that provided 32bit/384khz audio ,the preloaded USB c to 3.5mm audio adapter can't output such a high bitrate ,m I right? And also the preloaded USB c earphone sure won't works with high fidelity, it's just a normal earphone,I'm just curious with your iem ,yours is mccx to 3.5mm connection right? Could u realized the different in between the preloaded USB c to 3.5mm adapter & DAP while playing with using your iem ,will the USB c to 3.5mm audio adapter perform 32bit/384khz?I don't think the preloaded USB c to 3.5mm adapter perform such a good audio output?Or did there need a HI-RES USB to 3.5mm audio adapter?but I don't wanna go through the dac built-in with the USB c to 3.5mm adapter,I want the Huawei mate 20pro built in dac output,I was wondering if the preloaded USB c to 3.5mm audio adapter could output the Actual high bitrate audio ,Any Advise,Correct me if I'm wrong !
Hi, I'm sure it can output hi res audio (without a dac) I use a standard USB c to 3.5mm adaptor & it sounds great for everyday use, I do use a fiio e17 or ibasso bushmaster (when travelling) currently I'm testing Sabre dac & audioquest dragonfly (superior) as it gives excellent sound & very compact. You can buy a "USB c to 3.5mm" with a dac built in.. (but not tried it) best place to go is youtube as some1 on there may know the best solution (john darko)
friends use tidal (lossless) & they say it sounds superb & there using same connections I'm using (iPhone or android)
Other than that I am still learning.. Hope this helps.