Mate 20 Pro Bluetooth calling issue

  • 18 November 2018
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I can connect my mate 20 Pro to my car (BMW 1 series) ok but have been experiencing some problems. Sometimes tracks will skip when playing music via Google Play Music which I can live with but the showstopper is calls.
Basically I can make / receive calls ok but within around 2-3 minutes the person on the other end of the phone cannot hear me. I can still hear them fine. This either lasts for approx 10 seconds or indefinitely.
My phone is from EE on the most up to date firmware and I've never had any Bluetooth issues with my car before with numerous other android phones.
Anyone else experience something similar? For me this is not workable as I rely on my phone for work so will have to return it and switch to something else.
Would rather not do this as this issue aside I love it.

7 replies

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In addition, during calls I can also hear the odd electronic beep / clunk sort of noise. Hard to describe but sounds very strange.
I have had this issue with Bluetooth link in my car (BMW X1) . It was also having severe trouble with linking up to my Garmin Vivoactive 3.
1. Problems with the car link constantly failing. Phone gets auto-deleted from the BT link.
2. During calls at about 2-3 mins I would hear a soft beep and the call would switch to handset and then back to Bluetooth. At times the call would get cut off completely.
3. Garmin link was not maintained and was very erratic. Notifications were not showing up on the watch and connect app was having difficulty retrieving Garmin data.

I tried various steps including cache deletion, resetting network settings etc.

Solution - Reset from from factory default settings. During restore (Google /huawei backup) do not import any settings. Fine to import rest of the stuff. My phone has now been working flawlessly for a few days with NO Bluetooth issues in the car and even Garmin Vivoactive 3 BT link is solved. Garmin now shows all day notification.

Possible reason - The phone does not like imported settings from backup (even its own HiSuite backup).
I'm experiencing very poor connectivity between my Mate 20 Pro and my Volvo V60 hands free. The phone pairs with no issue, however before trying a number of fixes there was no sound through the car speakers. After following a number of suggestions from the net I now have sound, but it is so quiet despite the call volume being at maximum. Have tried pairing my wife's P20 Pro and it works fine with good volume levels, any ideas?
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The current update (on EE in the UK) appears to have caused the original problem in the OP to resurface. People are complaining they can barely hear me when using the phone via Bluetooth.
Really annoying as the last update seemed to fix the issue but now it's returned since updating to latest software version.
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Hi @Danp,

Thank you for letting us know

Would it be possible to PM us with the Serial Number and current build number of your device?

Additionally, everyone who is experiencing this current situation, kindly PM me with the S/N and Build Number.

Also please add the link to the post in the PM, thank you!

Best wishes,
I have the same terrifying problem with in car bluetooth connection. It connects OK but quality of call is appealing. Some distorted electric noise and it is nearly impossible to have a conversation. When playing media, feed to the car display does show previous track played and not current one. This is unacceptable for mobile phone for this price. My old Motorola worked without fault and cost 1/7 of the Mate 20 price. Does anyone have a solution to that? Please help or phone will go back to store.
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Hi @afromarpas,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Have you sent Max a private message yet?