Mate 20 Pro camera error

  • 11 November 2018
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I am having the exact same issue. Only restarting the phone can get the camera to work again.
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Are any of the installed applications NOT from the play store?

If so these could be causing a conflict.

Is your mate 20 pro software updated?
All my programs are installed from play store. SW is updated ( The programs I have installed are:
Vmobile from Qnap
BubbleDS Next
QR Scanner
Garmin Conneect
Norwegian Air
Star Walk 2
NRK Radio
Linn Kazoo
I did a new test now and it looks like it is Snapchat which makes the problem. I started Snapchat and I took a photo and tried to send it on My Story. Snapchat was hanging (probably because I am in China right now). Left Snapchat and tried Camera App. No response from the camera. I then did power off/on (to make sure Snapchat app was closed) and still no response from the camera in the Camera App. I remember this is exactly the same that happened last time I used Snapchat. That was at the airport in Copenhagen Sunday afternoon.
I will now do a full factory reset, but I will not install Snapchat and see if this fix the problem.
@terje-ss : I had the exact same thing but while trying to take a picture in WhatsApp. Looks like we all have different causes for this issue, so it's more likely a bug in EMUI.

It looks like there's a new EMUI version available ( with fixes related to the camera:

Haven't got it yet but if anybody has updated, would be good to know if you still have this issue on the new version.
I have the and it does not solve the problem. After my last factory reset the problem is worse than ever. This may be because of problem with setting the phone up again as I am in China right now and it looks like it has problem setting up the phone properly.
I have now tested it again back home. Still problem with Camera and sometimes the sound, but I've been able to get it back up working again with power on/off. This has to be done several times in a couple of hours.
In china it was almost impossible to get it working again, but I think this may have to do with Google not working in China and the phone was hanging waiting on response from Google.
I will now use the warranty and ask for a new phone from the dealer. This will take a couple of weeks as I am on my way abroad again this evening.
I will post a report when I get the new phone with the status on the new one.
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I noticed that taking a photo in an application other than default does not offer the same enrichment/enhancements available , so Ive tended to avoid using them as the quality of the photos in the default application are always superior.

I wonder if this is a regional issue though , as not everyone is having this issue ( if a standard bug) and whatever api is effected.
I've now got a new phone. The one with the problem was sent for repair, but shortly after I was informed I would get a new one. There was no information on what the problem was. The new one is now picked up and I have tried it for one day. So far no problem and the phone is working perfectly. I hope it will continue working like this and then I will not post more here.
Thanks a lot to CityLink for the good service they gave me.
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Hi all,

As everyone suggested, and we can also confirm from our part, using a third party launcher can cause compatibility issues with the pre-installed camera on our Huawei devices.

We cannot ensure a 100% compatibility with third party launchers as we are not the personal developers or designer of those, therefore, we strongly advise our customers to use the EMUI launcher in order to benefit of all the experiences and features the camera provides for the Mate 20 series devices.

I trust this information is of assistance. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!😀
**solved** - clear face recognition data

Camera kept freezing, not opening, not working in other apps. Swapping away from nova launcher did not work, clearing camera cache and phone cache did work once but not again even with multiple tries and restarts.

Anytime it happens I now clear camera cache and most importantly, clear face recognition data!

Using Mate 20 Pro