Mate 20 Pro green edges on screen

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I unsolved this topic (as it's clearly not solved!) and moved your new post. We are looking into this internally and I'll let you know as soon as I have more info.
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As the other post has been marked as solved. Has anyone else got this issue when the screen tries to reproduce grey. I just googled grey wallpaper then zoomed in to picture. Looks like will be sending this back then?

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This is a pain. I only get it with grey colours but still not good enough! How did you go about eligibility for a replacement. I love the phone and will gladly take a replacement. But can't stick with it being green!
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Mine is constantly a green on the left side(curve). I've been told I'm eligible for a replacement but I'm just not too sure now about the handset. Never had a screen issue with likes of iPhones and my most recent handset the pixel 2. Hick ups like these put a lot things in perspective. May just swap for a pixel 3 πŸ˜’


Btw, Loving the battery lifeπŸ‘
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I have the same issue but only on some apps. It's seems it happens when trying to replicate a certain colour? As in the setting in dark mode it's perfect black? But on some app when not fully black this green tinge appears?
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It is hard to make out from your image, not sure if its refraction from the curved edge or you have an issue with the glue on the edge of your screen.

If you think you have an issue , contact the retailer you purchased from in the first instance or go via the huawei car app and raise a repair request.

Again not sure if you have an issue or its refraction from the edge are my best guesses.