Mate 20 Pro green edges on screen

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Can anyone explain why I'm seeing green on the edges of my Huawei mate 20 Pro?

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Just received my replacement device from EE - Opened this box & confirmed its a BOE screen!!!

I must admit i dont know if its just because it has no green edges but the clarity of the BOE screen is far better than my old LG device. So far so good.

I must admit i cannot fault EE's Service, They have been excellent.
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So after using my replacement phone with BOE screen for a few hours I can confirm that this screen is definitely better than my LG one.

Black's are deep and there are 0 pixel shifts in any scene or lighting condition.

Still early days but so far I'm very happy.

Love this phone and glad that the green screen issue can be resolved
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If they are gonna stay so silent on the issue we should get more vocal on our complaints. Anyone who have had generic replies from Huawei calling this a feature or normal should be passing this information on to media outlets on twitter. This is how the note 7 debacle got sorted. Samsung ignored initial complaints until the media started to hammer down on their brand name. The louder we scream the more urgently they will respond to protect their reputation. I've not seen any of the big media companies covering this yet. The note 7 was all over TV news. Even the pixel 2 xl issues made it onto some TV news shows

I love my mate 20 Pro but to have had it almost two weeks with this issue and no official satisfying response is just disappointing
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So day 7 and my 2nd handset is trying to do its hulk impression. I really don't know whether to ditch huawei all together, get a replacement from Vodafone or send to Huawei. 🤔If my 2nd device goes green I'm going to be thinking exactly the same as you.... Great device but this is a pain! Replace, send to Huawei or try something else? But I just don't know what else can compete cdrtai ly in battery terms!

Looking at what's available from Vodafone it seems the next closest is the Note 9 with a 4000mh battery. If we had any decent communication from Huawei I would not even consider another handset but the way they have handled this situation has really left a negative effect on me.
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Update from yesterday.

After a very good customer service experience with EE less than 24 hours after requesting a new phone today I received it.

Same batch as last one LYA 09 but got a BOE screen

Happy to report that screen is 100x better and has no screen bleed.

Will monitor this daily and update on here if anythig changes

Good luck to all who are still suffering this issue.

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I would recommend not listening to Amy. No offence but you have a script to follow to fob ppl off. Contact Huawei direct or your supplier

I'm happy with the phone it's an amazing device so I'll keep trying till I get a working screen. I'm sure in UK we have a trade act where the goods have to be fit for purpose. Having a green screen isn't fit for purpose. So they either have to keep trying or supply something different.

I'm on My second phone at the mo and this is still an LG one so I'm expecting it to go faulty soon, if Amy is saying its normal why isn't mine doing it yet.

The BOE screens were shipped to the reviewers to get good reviews and get ppl on board so the next batch shoud b OK fingers crossed.
They swapped from LG for a reason so it's fairly obvious why in my eyes
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Today i got my replacement.
But first some short story... I got my Mate 20 pro on 27.10. After few days i have notced that my screen is going green on the edges (it was LG screeen). I went to the huawei service point here in Poland where i live. They looked at my phone and they sayed my phone have a green screen issue. So they took my phone for the service, and they told me i will probably get a new device. SO today i got my new device with the BOE screen. Everything is looking good in the first hours of use. I hope it will be ok, and no issue will come out.

Sorry for my bad english.

Hope all of You havin green screens will get a brand new device with issue free screens.
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Well folks my 3rd replacement is here.......

IT'S A BOE 🙂 😁
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Received My 5th replacement saturday from. Vodafone uk and is a BOE with serial 18B22 screen look Perfect, no Green issue or uniformity issue
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Day 3 of my Vodafone supplied BOE screen. Not a hint of green screen at any light /brightness levels so far. Previous two phones have been going green by now. I'm hopeful....
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I got a BOE replacement (18A23) for my (slightly) green LG. No green issues whatsoever but BOE doesn't seem quite as bright and vibrant as the LG. It may be that an unaffected LG is the holy grail!

Im getting that impression. I just wonder if ALL LGs are susceptible to this problem long term or if they just had some problems on their initial run. Like, there are thousands of these devices in the wild and I have to wonder just how many have this issue and don't notice it versus how many people just have an LG screen that works normally. That some of you have had to go through four handsets before you got one that didn't go green would seem to indicate that

A) Most LG screens are defective

B ) People getting all these exchanges from their carriers are getting phones from the same batch so they are more likely to get a defective screen over and over.

Jesus, Huawei please say something or grow a pair and step up because I think we would all rather be enjoying our phones than forming impromptu communities around decyphering serial numbers and screen codes. Sheesh.
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Currently waiting for my second replacement handset. I'm shocked that we are now approaching a month and Huawei still haven't done a recall on affected handsets or at least acknowledged it and gave us faith that they are doing something to fix it.

A month of silence is actually ridiculous.
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Im really getting upset now. All I want is my money back so I can get a decent phone. That's it for me and Huawei. I can't even sell or swap this device as others know they're faultyI'm willing to wait for it but it has really tainted my view of Huawei from first experience.

Nah not me. I've pulled out £900 for this phone and they're treating us like this. A wall of silence. It's disgusting
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So I've just got my replacement handset from Huawei and.... It's a boe. I personally think the screen is better looking than the LGs - though the white distortion is a bit more obvious. But to summarise:

1) Going with Huawei seems a more likely way to fix this. Its is no guarantee though and Huawei do what they can to avoid a second dud phone.

2) it takes 5 working days from posting the device to get a replacement. Though I guess that depends on stock levels and why they are saying 10 at the moment

3) once you get a boe it is a brilliant phone. Well worth persevering with
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As a side note I've just spoke to Vodafone about a replacement and they have no stock but think that's because they are awaiting new stock from Huawei after they have taken back the dodgy second batch.
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Vodafone Batch 18B15 BOE screen twilight. Screen is fantastic quality and no green I can see.
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I have noticed mine getting worse recently - received it on the 26th October launch day.
Contacted retailer and Huawei several times, unfortunately as I ordered from Mobile Phones Direct, obviously no store to go to and would have to send the handset away to them, a replacement would take 5-7 days and no guarantee they have good stock yet.

I have opted to go down the Huawei direct route.
I contacted the UK customer services number on Friday and just said I have the green screen problem, I want a replacement. The girl was very helpful actually, she said they were suggesting people try retailer first as it will likely be quicker (assuming she means in a store). I told her however that my retailer would take 5-7 days anyway, so I'm prepared to wait the 10-14 Huawei say themselves. She assured me that because it's due to this issue, it's not a repair, it's a direct replacement, and it MIGHT take less time than the 10 days, but they can't promise.
What she did say was 100% the replacement won't have the issue. This is why I have chosen the Huawei route directly, as they are most likely to have the good new stock vs retailers maybe having older stuff.

Currently waiting on the jiffy bag arriving, will post it off and hope for the best.

Will report back when I know more 👍🏼
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Im on my third replacement with O2 UK, another green screen from lg, sick of this, seriously considering buying a one plus 6t sim free, with NHS discount can get for 399! And just sending this back, got literally 1 day to make a decision before I hit 30 days and can't return according to O2. Really wanted Huawei to be a great phone, but I think lack of response regarding their flagship this early on is a sign of things to come! Can imagine software updates will be few and far between and this phone will be left behind when they release something new, shame.EE have given me another 30 days from yesterday as its a new handset I would check with O2

Also if your not getting any joy send to huawei for a garenteed problem free replacement phone.

I had the P20 Pro before this and that phone was amazing.
It's frustrating I know but these Things happen in production its just part of the world we live in today with mass produced products.

Once you get a working model with a BOE screen you will see that this phone is unmatched and how brilliant it can be
No O2 have been shocking with me, I had to fight tooth and nail for a third replacement as they said I should, and I kid you not "press the little blue icon on my phone and speak to huawei, as they are the ones who can help" I eventually got another but they made it clear I would not be able to get another if this was faulty and that my 30 days started from the date I pre-ordered the phone. I'm all for sending off to huawei but I'm not going phone free for 2 weeks, they really need to offer something else given its clearly a large scale international fault and not a one off, so people aren't left without a phone. I literally have the basket up in my other tab for the 6t, waiting to call O2 at 9 and will go from there. I don't particularly want it over their phone but atleast I'll get regular updates and a screen that works and even beats this defective one. I really am gutted though was so excited about getting this phone.

Sound like O2 are pretty poor

EE have been superb over this for me. Rang up Monday morning.
New phone delivered Tuesday.

Might be worth cancelling contract as your still in 30 cooling off and go with a more efficient provider.

Remember Samsung Battery issue and iPhones bendy phones.

They all got sorted eventually. Think you would regret getting T6 after having this mate
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I unsolved this topic (as it's clearly not solved!) and moved your new post. We are looking into this internally and I'll let you know as soon as I have more info.
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UK customers, you have far more power to reject/refund/return/repair under the consumer rights act beyond the initial 14 or 30 days. Do a quick Google search for consumer rights act and there's a great Which article which will help.

Some retailers don't understand the law, but these are your legal rights. Bottom line being... If goods are faulty, not as described, or not of satisfactory quality, the law is on your side and you've a lot of rights.

Retailers/manufacturers will naturally try to fob people off as this stuff costs them a lot of money. But, bottom line being, retailers are entitled to goods which are of satisfactory and fault-free standard. When they're not, then that's what the consumer rights act is for.

When manufacturers stop using LG for displays, then many of these problems wouldn't happen. They're great at creating large OLED screens, but rubbish at creating mobile phone OLED screens. Google were bitten hard by the substandard displays in the Pixel 2XL, hopefully this won't be the same for Huawei... Makes sense for Huawei to be transparent with consumers sooner rather than later!
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I've noticed their twitter replies are now asking people to leave their details for a callback. I'd be interested to know the content of these calls.I called last night about 5pm. They give the mandatory speech about it being oled and colour dispersion and how it's normal in these screens then you complain some more and they offer to send it to their service centre for inspection or return it to your carrier for replacement. No answer to why its happening no matter how much you argue its not normal. Pretty frustrating to be honest.

They're not exactly behaving like a "big" company, it's a shame that they still seem to have the small company mindset of ignore it and people will get bored, so the issue "goes away".

Unfortunately once you become the 2nd largest manufacturer (by volume) in the world and your new flagship model is priced up with Samsung and Apple, that mindset won't work.

A public acceptance that there IS an issue (because their clearly is) and a general guide as to what will be done to correct the issue would go a long way towards taking the sting out of the situation.

Apple and Samsung have had plenty of hardware issues in their own products and for most people affected by this kind of issue, I suspect how the company reacts to a hardware issue coming to light largely dictates how people view that company, rather than it just being about not having the issue in the 1st place.

As things stand, Huawei are potentially making 1st time customers so disenchanted that they will go out of their way in the future to not purchase any more Huawei products and advise friends/family to also do the same.
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Mobiles (Carphone Warehouse subsidiary) told me that's why I couldn't temporarily have my phone back until they get new stock in, because they had sent them back to Huawei after recall.
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Looking for opinions
Currently I'm still within my 30 days for exchange
I'm happy with the phone apart from the screen bleed at 0 brightness
In all other situations its great to be fair
I have taken some photos on a friend's iPhone
My dilemma is do I risk swapping this for a potentially worse one?

My honest opinion is exchange know it has the problem....why put up with that from a "flagship" device..which should be all good from the off.
Yes you may end up with another phone which displays the "green" issue earlier or to a greater degree but if so that phone can be added to the same pile of faulty devices and replaced until it's right or Huawei initiate a full on recall to remedy this disaster and attempt to restore faith in the brand.
You should not accept sub standard product on the premise it's replacement may be won't be worse it will also be faulty.
I know it's problematic and I'm very concerned that both panels are allegedly suffering but acceptance will encourage the manufacturer to do little or nothing with regard to a suitable solution being found for all us early adopters being robbed off or ignored by a company found sadly lacking in customer engagement with regard to this sorry state of affairs.
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Don't get me wrong I'd never go Apple but just wish I'd stuck with pixelI want to go back to apple. I had iPhone for years before getting the P20 Pro in April. I loved the P20 but I'm so disappointed with the way Huawei are handling this. For all of apple's faults, their customer service is second to none, go in the store and they'll swap it over there and then. If, a big if, I can get my money back for this mate 20 it's hello iPhone XR.
I don't really think you can say they are handling it bad. Ok, so they haven't made a statement. Has anyone had any issues swapping their phones or sending them off? I'm sure if they had stores over here like apple it'd be easier but they haven't. I remember when one of the iPhones lost signal when a hand was over a section of the antenna. Apple released a statement along the lines of how you should hold your iPhone. I'm sure they even released cases that fixed the issue and sold them at a crazy price. How long did it take apple to acknowledge there were issues with batteries. Every manufacturer does as little as they can get away with, and will never admit liability unless they legally have to. It's the way of the world. I'm not apple bashing, previous owner of many iPhones, macbooks. I was torn between M20P and XS max.
My gut instinct tells me the reason Huawei haven't released a statement is because they don't know which models are affected, and there is nothing they can do to fix the issue with those that potentially are. I just hope they have fixed whatever was causing it in the manufacturing process so that we can all enjoy the phone as it was meant to be used.

Are you for real.., "I don't really think you can say they are handling it bad"
Oh my god, you work for Huawei right?
Indeed there have been few problems with retailers with regard to swapping these out but that is because they are offering reasonable service Unlike Huawei who have remained entirely silent and done little or nothing to help those, myself included, remedy the situation. Even sending out faulty devices to replace those sent back directly to them!!
If you are misguided then apologies but please.. They have been woefully inadequate throughout.