Mate 20 Pro knocks out Wifi to other devices

  • 7 August 2019
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After some hours of trying to figure this out, it seems my Mate 20 Pro (EMUI 9.1.0) is knocking out wifi to all other devices around the home. I've turned off Wifi (using just 4G) and then running speed tests on by laptop, streaming sonos and services such as Prime and Netflix and it's all working fine. As soon as I connect my Mate to the same Wifi network everything else stops and the Mate itself can't access the internet either. I had a BT HomeHub 6, then got offered a HomeHub 4 from BT as the HH6 is not suitable for our home network. Not sure what else to do? Desperately need some help and thoughts on this please?

Thank you in advance!!

2 replies

Update: I've spoken to support and I've wiped the cache partition and rebooted, but no difference. Next suggestion was to reset the phone to factory settings, so I'll backup and update on this thread if this helps, otherwise if anyone has any ideas in the meantime I would really appreciate it 🙂
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This is a really curious issue. There are various possible causes, but I'm not an expert in this field, so I wouldn't really know 100%:

  • The network speed is not good enough for all these devices (if it's an extremely slow network, like 1-2 mb/s?)
  • The device you use for your network is unable to have all these devices connected to it. I'm not too sure how to explain this: essentially, your router (HomeHub 4) might not be able to handle more than X amount of connected devices. I'm not going to start doing BT customer support (sorry😥), but a very quick look at their forums shows that the HomeHub 5 only supports "4-5 devices"😶, so you might want to contact BT to check how many devices the HomeHub 4 supports. If this is the cause, then you might have to see if BT can supply you with a better/higher router, or purchase one. Huawei's newest routers support up to 64 devices😉 but aren't especially cheap...
  • The channel you are using might be clogged, try to see if you can generate various channels on the HomeHub 4 or switch to a different one (2.4GHz or 5GHz, 5GHz is the one used by default now, although most average routers generate both at the same time, picking 5GHz by default and switching to 2.4GHz is the 5GHz in your area is clogged).