Mate 20 Pro - notification sounds missing

  • 28 September 2019
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HI all,

Got a second hand Mate 20 Pro which is a nice phone, however as per the title none of the notification sounds ever play. Everything works as expected (status bar, icon changes, lock screen messages, vibrate) just not the sounds.

I've tried all the "fixes" mentioned on various forums (turning off battery manager, etc) and have even done a hard reset of the phone. Nothing works, still no notification sounds.

Any ideas?


2 replies

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@Dodgy Bob sorry to hear you're having issues, you clould try the following, if you haven't already:

Try First: Clean your cache

  1. To wipe the cache of the device , you simply have to power off the device in question.
  2. Once it is off please press and hold the Volume Up Key and the Power Button for about 30 seconds.
  3. The device will then boot into a new menu with only 3 visible options. The first option from the top is the one that we are looking for in this list.
  4. Once the process has ended the device will come back to this menu.
  5. In order to leave the menu simply tap Reboot System Now ( the last option on the bottom of the list )
If this doesn't work try a reset (make a back up first):

Thanks for your reply. I tried everything including a full factory reset, downgrading the OS and upgrading again, nothing fixed it.

Bought a new phone in the end :)