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Mate 20 pro notifications issue

  • 30 October 2018
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I have the same issue as the users above, some apps don't send notifications at all and I have tried everything. For example my banking app is not sending notifications which is supper important so I know when my salary arrives when my rent gets deducted and so on.
Tried factory resetting the phone issue is still there, I have tied all the notifications settings options in the phone still nothing, I have tired manually manage the app still not notifications, and this is not the only app that is having issues. Some other apps as well, one time I receive a notifications some other times not but everything works perfectly one my OnePlus 3T.
You dismiss a notification on your lock screen and when you unlock your phone the notification badge disappears as well. Really now? Who taught off this that it is a good idea.
Also the phone randomly vibrates for no reason like you are receiving notifications, you take out the phone form your pocket and nothing and it's happening randomly at random times of day.

The phone is great screen, camera, overall quality but the software is useless.

Please fix the notifications issue ASAP cause at this point I could't care less about the camera when I'm missing important stuff due to notification issues, and need to check the phone 100 times a day to be sure I haven't miss anything.
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I dont actually get any notification on the message app, so if i get a text, the message icon doesnt do anthing?

How do I change this?
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Hi, I have an intermittent fault on my Mate 20 Pro. I had the same issue on my P20 Pro. Sometimes (although it's starting to be most times) I don't get a notification sound, I get the vibration but no sound, or I get 1/2 a notification sound. Anyone else have the same problem? I'm reading quite a few complaints about the notifications on Huawei products. You'd think Huawei would take notice. As well as that why have 1 volume control for calls and notifications (well if the notifications sound works) I'd prefer independently controlled volume settings. Other than that mega phone, love the speed, battery and just about everything else!
Lack of notifications on AOD is pretty huge. I don't know that Huawei even acknowledge that it's an issue though?
If you are mobile gadget lover then don't go back to iPhone. iPhone is not smart as android phone. I was great fan of iPhone for about 4 and half years. Moved to android then I understood how much iOS is lagging with technologies.

but Apple Mac OS one of the best OS in the world, no doubt about it. But iOS no.

Regarding your app notification try this; go to settings>>notifications>>more notification settings>> check on Notification turn on screen.
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this issue was not the LED, it was that I was not getting a proper notification for certain apps.

Im still getting my head around it all, having come from Apple.
Loving the Mate 20 Pro having moved to you from the One Plus family.

One thing I am missing is lock screen notifications which are a huge part of android for me.

Is there any way to get them activating properly.

Also, I have the official Smart Case with the window and all you get is a small notification that there had been a message, nothing about setting who it is from or anything like that...

I know others have brought up the Lock Screen Notifications issue before and a couple of months ago it was said to be being worked on... Its there any update on this yet?
for the pulse (LED) notification issue: The Solution was take the back up of the phone data, I have reset my phone to factory reset. It resolved the issue. Now I can see different colours for each app notifications.
I am new user of Huawei mate 20 Pro

I found the solution for the pulse notification for the apps. I had issue with pulse notification for the apps. Now its resolved.
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Rafal, nothing works. There is an article online about this.

No one has mentioned an update to fix this.
Im going to be taking mine back and warning everyone to stay away from Huawei.

Not been notified of messages on emails, and selected apps is a huge problem.
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This is something they need to fix with an update. I get an icon for SMS but not for email when AOD is on.
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Go to your settings and Check the app permissions. Sometimes you need to use manual settings rater than automatic management.
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Me too

Received my mate 20 Pro couple of days ago.

Emails don't show. Which I need
And a couple of apps that I need to show don't.

This is a big problem. I may have to take the phone back and go back to iPhone