Mate 20 Pro official cases: where to buy?

  • 25 November 2018
  • 3 replies

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Huawei have a number of official cases featured on their website (see pics), but as yet I'm struggling to find anything other than the official smart view flip cover or silicone cases in black or blue. Particularly interested in those cases that cover the back of the phone only and leave sides open. Look like they would maintain the phone's perfect form factor, albeit offering less protection in case of drops. So, can anyone tell me where these are available for sale?

3 replies

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I bought a Huawei clear silicon case from Amazon. Cost about £9 and is very good. I wanted the sides covering as sometimes the screen becomes unresponsive if you're ever so slightly touching the sides of the screen with your fingers.
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The official plain coloured cases are on Amazon but not seen the London or Shanghai ones..
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I got 3 official huawei case from amazon. The official Clear case, the flip leather case and the best case of them all the smart cover flip case. All less than £15 on amazon. Get the smart case it's so good. Great quality and feel too. I do wish it closed magnetically but its fine I love it
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