Mate 20 Pro Screen Mirroring

  • 11 November 2018
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I've been casting onto a chrome cast with no issues for months on my P20 Pro, perfect picture quality, received an update last night and the picture quality is now unwatchable when casting. Extremely pixelated. Even letters in the menu are clear on the phone and scrambled onscreen.

Extremely disappointed with this as I use my phone to cast all my media. Is there any way I can revert to my old settings before the update?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem.
I just bought a chromecast ultra mainly to display photos and videos from my new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and what I saw is a total failure. Pictures and videos are terribly pixelated.
I thought the reason for the problem is chromecast but my old iPhone 5S works perfectly with chromecast.
Does anyone works on solving this problem?
Please advise why i cant connect to my samsung tv via Mate 20 Pro Wireless Projection? It finds all nearest neighbour tv's but doest find my home one samsung46Led 7series
Regards Ken
@Amy @Max would you deign to provide us unworthy customers with an update on the blurry/pixelated Google Photos to Chromecast issue?

According to the issue might be fixed with the 183 update for the Mate 20 Pro.

However, there is nothing in the release notes confirming this.

@Amy @Max can you confirm that the 183 update should fix this very issue on the Mate 20 Pro?

And most important - for me 😉 - what about the P20 pro?

Clock is ticking for me since I could still return my device to the seller.
Why do I still have as current and I do not get 183 ???
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Why do I still have as current and I do not get 183 ???
It's not released in the UK yet and other parts of the world are on a staggered roll out.
Should be very soon hopefully.

Regards Jase
Today my Huawei P20 Pro has received the first post Pie update
The pixelated casting issue from Google Photos to Chromecast seems to be fixed \o/.

However, there is nothing in the changelog that confirms this.

See for more info.
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Hi @anaj_J,

Have you tried to connect to your device to your TV through Chromecast?

Best wishes,
Hi Max,

already tried Chrome cast as well and no luck.

Waiting for Mate 20pro update

Hi guys. I'm having the same issue. When screen casting using the Google Chromecast device (phone to TV), everything is blurry. I have this issue ever since buying the Mate 20 Pro.

Samsung S8 and S7 works fine. iPhone 8 works fine too.

The issue is with Google Photos and screen mirroring when using the Chromecast device (2nd generation as well as Chromecast Ultra).

Very poor for a flagship phone. I'd have thought using Google apps was a basic thing that should have been fully tested?
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Hi @MoMan,

If this issue persists on your device, can I please ask you to PM me the Serial Number of your device so I can look into this further?

You will find this information either on the box of the device or on Settings > About phone > Status.

Looking forward to your reply!

Best wishes,
How to cast my screen on chromecast with easy projection on mate 20pro
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Hi @amir_slot,

Welcome on the community! I moved your question to this thread to avoid double topics. Please read the comments and let us know if you still need assistance. Happy to help!
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How to cast my screen on chromecast with easy projection on mate 20pro
Easy projection isn't compatible with Chromecast, you can still cast things to it though, just not using easy projection as it works using a different system

Regards Jase
I have this same issue too, casting with pixelated images. Seriously considering switching to amnother brand next time!

I had the update from Huawei last night and this has not solved it 😡
Im having the same problems with my p20 pro when using my Chromecast.

used to be fine but now the picture is all blurry. Thought it was fine until a friend connected a Samsung to it and it mirrors perfectly! Is there a fix for this? If not it has really out me off this phone!!
It's really annoying as there's no fix appearing, I'm ready to upgrade after being loyal to Huawei all these years, think it's time to go back to Samsung!