Mate 20 pro USB is crashing in Car

  • 13 September 2019
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Hello together,
I am usually using my Mate 20 pro in the Car (audi) via Android Auto, since some weeks, after 5-10 minutes driving, my Smartphone ist disconnecting every 2-5 minutes, First of all i thought that Android Auto is the problem, but while disconnecting, i see that the whole USB process seems to stop working, what i mean is, the Smartphone is completly losing the connection, not even charging anymore. I also tried a reset of the smartphone, but the problem ist still appearing after some minutes driving.

I Hope you can Help me here.
Thanks a lot


2 replies

I tried 3 different cable, one was the original Huawei USB Type c cable.
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@Kevin93 sorry to hear you're having issues. Have you tried a different cable to rule that out as a cause? Check out further troubleshooting ideas from the FAQ: