Mate 20 Pro Very Low Text Notification Volume

  • 8 May 2019
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I had another bizarre issue with this 'Premium' phone yet again the other day.

Had the phone on the kitchen work surface and I was just below looking in a cupboard, and I 'THOUGHT' i heard my text notification, but wasn't certain. So I checked my phone and yes there was a text.

Don;t ask why I did, but I sent myself a text and low and behold the notification was sooooo quiet, I could barely hear it.

Yes, I did check all the volume settings and they were on MAXIMUM!

Tried several texts and all the same, incredibly low volume on the notification.

I did a restart and it did increase the volume on the next batch of texts I sent myself, but it just doesn't seem as loud as it normally is...(believe me, it normally startles people!)

I'm losing track of the number of issues I'm now having with this phone!

2 replies

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Hi @Amy

As I said I only restarted the device and all seems to be ok now as I was receiving text messages last night and the volume seems to be at it's normal level but i'll keep an eye on it!

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Hey Smeeghead,

Sorry to see that you have another issue with your device. 😞

Did you see this thread? It's about speaker problems on the Mate 20 Pro. There might be some useful troubleshoots in that thread.

I know its not ideal but could you please reset your device and let us know if this solved your issue?