Mate 20 - Ringtone Issues

  • 10 September 2019
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I just got a Mate 20 dual sim (upgraded from Mate 9) and i wanted to assign different ringtones for sim1 and sim2 and to assign different ringtones to particular contacts, as well. but none of this is working as the system only takes the default ringtone for all the calls. These things used to work perfectly on my mate 9.

I already factory reset the phone, wipe cache. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

1 reply

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Hi @wawel, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I had a quick look and spotted this on the community from @benodiktine :

"I was finally able to fix the issue by following the directions at this website:

The steps I followed we're under the section named "Reset app preferences to reset notification and ringtone picker"

For my phone it was a little different, I went to Settings > Apps > Apps (this is the difference, there's an "Apps" inside "Apps") > vertical ellipsis > Reset app preferences.

After doing this, the problem was gone so I knew it was an app causing the issue. I narrowed it down to an app called Sound Profile which had the "whistle" notification sound set, I changed it to what I wanted and all is good now. So it was not an issue with the phone. The Sound Profile App was set to use a specific sound and that was the cause, not the Apps fault but I don't know how or why it was set this way."

Hope this helps