mate 20 X 5g personal hotspot issue

  • 19 September 2019
  • 1 reply

Enjoying everything about this phone except for the fact that the personal hotspot is causing me issues. I have tethered to one of my tablets with various other phones no problem with 5ghz but for some reason the mate 20 X 5g will only broadcast to this tablet at 2.4ghz. Have a feeling the issue might be the channel the 20 X is broadcasting over as I heard some receiving devices will only pick up the 5ghz frequency on certain channels.
Is there a way to change the hotspot channel for this phone or am I stuck with 2.4ghz for this particular tablet?

1 reply

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@Theackers glad to hear you're enjoying the mate 20 X 5g. I've asked the support team to help you with your hotspot question.