Misssing language - how to download

  • 27 September 2019
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Bought Huawei 18 months ago, the battery descharges immediately if I use Facebookd and som other apps.

Now I have throwed that one a way, intended to buy a Samsung instead as my old Samsung was with me for some 6 years.

But, the salesman at MediaMarkt convinced me that Huawei 20 Lite was a very good quality.

Now I have installed the languages I use, Swedish, Spanish, English, BUT CANNOT FIND MY MATERNAL LANGUAGE: ICELANDIC!
Still languages like Fareoese and Åland languages are available, population a fraction of the population of Iceland.

Does this Huawei not include Icelandic?If not I am forced to return it to the store. Or is Icelandic available to download?

1 reply

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@axzion thanks for raising this issue/question. I've flagged for the support team, however you might want to contact your local support team to ask about this and see if they can help: